How to win men

Every girl from childhood dreams of a great love. How to win the man of her dreams? Single recipe for all, of course not. First you need to determine for yourself what is your purpose, what you want to achieve.

Some believe that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, gourmet kitchen, you can bind a man forever. Others think that the man loves his eyes, and trying to impress him with my appearance. Still others believe that the most important thing for man – a bed and pleasuring a man to exhaustion.

To conquer a man, she must be really special for him: it must complement and embellish his life and not complicate it with reproaches, and whims. None of the guys don’t like it.

This means that you need to be less Intrusive and less demanding than the girl, whom he dated before you.

You need to be more independent and confident – as are many men. Try to be more concerned about themselves and do not seek to satisfy every desire of your man. Believe me, on a subconscious level, he will only be more to appreciate and respect you!

We often blame men that they are too inattentive and less caring. But if they be not agreed to all our whims, it doesn’t mean they don’t love us. Just they love themselves more. Learn to do the same!.

But it’s not fair, ” say some girl, which does not want to become “elusive prey”. I want everything to be okay by itself.

Alas, as one psychologist, by itself is only bad, and that was good, you need to think and work. This is especially true of personal relationships.

How to build a dialogue with a man

So what exactly you should do and should not do in any case, the relationship with your man evolved happily and led, eventually, you both to a happy family life? Here are some rules that “will save”, or rather, will resolve the situation and that any girl who dreams about family happiness, must learn:

In the presence of man does not show his excessive interest in children, babies and puppies. Just note the fact of their existence and move on. Do not be sentimental or tie them drool over your boyfriend believes you to death dreaming of having a baby and ready to “pop out” hurry up and get married. But such a desire, he’s likely not close.

When you just start Dating, don’t call him first for nothing. “I was just calling to ask how you were doing”, it does not mean that you have something to say. When a man making a phone call, he does it with a purpose and he has a reason for it. Men can’t stand to spend hours hanging on the phone talking about nothing. This is a purely female disadvantage. So do not show it.

Never disclose too much information in the early stages of a relationship. For example, do not say that you were trying (unsuccessfully) to deceive an insurance company or you’re in trouble with the IRS. Most likely, he will immediately make the conclusion that marrying you due to your stupidity and propensity to fraud may itself be behind bars. And not confess to him that you are over head and ears in debt: you don’t want to look in his eyes, a failure.

It is not advisable to disclose your “terrible and dark secrets (whether an unhappy childhood or upset stomach). Women tend in the early stages of a relationship “confession” of all sins. They emphasize the credibility of the partner. Alas, the result may be the opposite of the desired effect: a man decides that you invite him to share in the responsibility for past hardships. Best to first fall in love in a guy, then confess that to you harassing stepfather or that in high school you were an outcast in the team. Believe me, as dark secrets, the less he will know them, the better.

Don’t be too picky in food: if you have an unusual way to eat, try not to flaunt it. Don’t tell him I don’t eat bread, because from it you “creepy posts”, or do not want to eat the grapes because he’s weak.

If you have a difficult relationship with his parents, brothers, sisters or with all the relatives together, to hide it from him until that time, your relationship will not be on solid ground. And that your mother, for example, can not stand my mother-in-law.

No need to constantly ask him what he thinks about your relationship: “do You love me?”, “Do you think I’m cute?”, “What do you want from our relationship?”.

It is not necessary first to mention marriage and children. Let your first guy himself will lead a conversation on this topic. If a man praised you, he will reflect on the theme of marriage.

If your man will hint at marriage, do not shout with joy: “Yes, of course!”. Skip past the ears, pretend that you are not too interested. It may very well push him to buy you the ring much faster than you think. If you show enthusiasm, it can frighten and to keep it cool. It’s simple: they always want to have something that is difficult to achieve and you don’t appreciate what they presented on a silver platter.

Do not discuss with him your past love life. Never admit you were lovers. If more than five or lie. The man will not survive such a number and took to their heels.

Never tell him that you are amorous, that you are “one-o-nly time” fell in love. It is better to say that I have never loved: men everywhere want to be first. They need a girl with a wealth of experience, but rather, with a natural gift – a girl, born sexy. Mind you, sexy, but not slutty. Tell him something like: “Although I have little experience, I know what to do in bed. I believe that woman are sexual from birth or not. I feel so sorry for girls who cannot do this. Them, must be tough”.

Don’t write constantly everywhere his name and for God’s sake, don’t tell how wonderful the sounds of his last name along with your name.

When you’ve womens ailment or other condition for which you are forced to abstain, take this opportunity and tell me that you have other plans: all upcoming evening busy. This is a good way to seem indifferent, immaterial and mysterious, and, believe me, it will only benefit your relationship.

Not to recognize that the school or University you studied badly: although the study is not the only indicator of intelligence, still he might think that you are not very smart. Better to say that I studied or well, and at work you are irreplaceable.

All of the above tips is not tips how to cheat on your boyfriend. Actually, it is just a fairly innocent tricks, allowing you to save as much as possible romantic relationship between young people, the memories of which, however, will continue to warm your relationship.

How to keep the man beside him

And finally, if HE fell in love and crazy about you, don’t think that the man you have in your pocket. It’s hard to fall in love, but even harder to keep. How to always remain interesting for my man? How to save?

Love is ephemeral substance. Loves today, and tomorrow. Is this rare? And not because men are polygamous, wrong and depraved.

Alas, if love is dead – woman is to blame. Because the woman in charge of this area: love, family, children is our competence. But this does not mean that we have to take things into their own hands and start to manage the process. Just the opposite!

Give your lover the opportunity to remain the hunter and not turn into a game. Unfortunately, many women do: as soon as the ring is on the finger, as a gentle girl from a fairy turns into a business “leader” and it is in the best case.

Another mistake is “too” honest and faithful women to surround his chosen literally “suffocating” care: to pamper, to ply the gifts, feeding-lay, slowly transforming her man into a baby. Do not think that this concern will make your man happy. Remember: a truly happy hunter can only make a successful hunt, and not a piece of meat bought in a store.

So please continue to play the role of “elusive deer”, despite the ring on her finger. Love yourself, engage yourself, improve yourself, achieve success – let your man proud of you. Do not forget that you are a woman, and the role of the conqueror (and head) leave him. This will not only help to keep him and live with him happily ever after.

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