First date

After they met, followed by the invitation for a date.

For many young people today one of the main questions – who can be the initiator of a date. Usually a date appointed by the man. However, modern society admits that a woman may first offer to meet. If you follow the rules of etiquette, we can say this: do what you feel most comfortable.

The program is also able to offer both male and female. It all depends on the personality of the couple. If a man likes a power role, and the woman that endorses and welcomes, therefore, the initiator will always be it.

Other couples may seek equitable relationship, and it’s important to

clarify this to avoid any misunderstandings.

The second issue that may occur when a first date who pays. It may depend on the nationality of the couple and characteristics of the region in which it resides. It is best if the partners will discuss this issue in advance, otherwise they can get into a bad situation, and one of them will seem rude or even another tactless.

In modern society, be acceptable when a man and woman divide the cost in half.

In society there is a system of moral and ethical standards that define the stereotypes of everyday behavior and communication. For example, a man entrenched the role of breadwinner and the woman is the homemaker.

However, if the salary of women much less than men, naturally, the latter will take care of the expenses. Besides, the woman can offer such variant: the man pays for the publication, as she invites him for lunch or dinner.

If a man insists that to pay for it will be the woman may refuse visits or agree.

In any case, it must take into account the opinion of many modern men that if they pay for a meeting with a woman, its continuation will be a sexual relationship.

A date at the theatre

A man who invites a girl on a date to the theatre, should take care of buying the tickets, after finding out from his new friend, what performances she prefers. One like Opera, others like ballet or Comedy. The young man should not buy tickets to the show, which is like himself. Maybe it is going to be interested in his putnici, as a result the first date can be the last.

Buying tickets, the young man needs to inform new friend date and time of the performance, so she had time to prepare. It is desirable to warn her two days before the specified date.

The requirements of modern etiquette for clothing is not very strict. If a young man and a girl wearing jeans, sneakers, sports jerseys, of course, no one can’t tell them and they would be let free. However, it would be disrespectful not only to the actors but to the surrounding people.

In the theatre men traditionally wear formal suit, preferably dark colors, while women prom dress. In winter, women in the theater shoes. This should be done in the dressing room. If a young man invites a girl to the premiere of the play or movie, she should wear a long evening dress.

Before visiting the theatre should avoid the use of perfume or Cologne in large quantities. Their fragrance spread in the room where the large number of people, can cause many a headache. Use perfume need in such quantity that the smell was faint.

The man must make an appointment the woman at this time of the darkness to come in advance. He can pick up her home or to meet her near the theatre building. It is necessary beforehand to discuss exactly the time and place of the meeting. In the cold season clothes up in the wardrobe. A man helps a woman to take off my coat and hangs it in the closet. His companion meanwhile approaches the mirror and combs his hair. It is not customary to do his toilet in the auditorium. The man also acquires a program and binoculars.

In a concert or theatre room as well as in the cinema a man enters first, followed by his companion. If there are two couples, first comes a man, two women, then a second man. In the room sit: women in the middle, the men on the edges. Go to his place to face sitting. A man helps to sit with your date, lowering the chair seat, then sits down himself.

If the seats are in the middle of a number, you need to take them until the last bell, so as not to disturb other spectators. If for some reason you are late, walking to their seats, should apologize to those you have disturbed.

If, conversely, a disturbed young man or his companion, they should not complain, derogatory replica, but silently stand to skip passing.

Seated, the man should not take two of the armrest, as the second belongs to his companion, and to plant the feet in the back of the front seat.

Even if a young person really wants to communicate with a girl he liked, one should not talk during the performance. In the theater not even allowed to discuss what is happening on stage.

During intermission a man can ask a woman in the lobby, but if she does not agree, he should not leave her alone. If she agrees, he passes it forward and walks beside her, not looking at closely other of the fairer sex.

The girl, in turn, should pay attention to other men, if it came with a companion.

Even if she decided for herself that this man was no good for her and it will be their last, it also should not leave the man alone. During intermission, a young person can invite a girl to the bar and order her what she wants.

Recently in theatre buffets began to sell alcoholic beverages. You should not follow this bad fashion and order a girl and even alcoholic beverages.

It happens that because of an error of usher places are double. In this situation, no need to arrange demonstrative scenes. This will not only help you attract the attention of others and will cause their disapproval, but also produce a unfavorable impression on your new friend (familiar).

If a young person when meeting appoints a girl on a date, he can invite her to the cinema. Today’s young people prefer this option because the situation in the theater more democratic and less solemn. However, when you visit the cinema should follow certain rules of conduct.

Movie tickets better buying in advance, to take care of this man. Usually they are bought just before the start of the session, however it is better to do it in advance, not to get into a comical situation.

Approaching the door of the theater, a young man ignores the girl forward, showing the tickets to the controller. In the cold season, coming into the room, the man should take his hat off.

The restaurant

Modern etiquette allows for when meeting an invitation to a restaurant or cafe. Young people agree in advance about the time and place of the meeting. Entering the café, a man ahead of his companion, and opening doors for her, however, comes into the room after the girl and closes the door. Then he goes to the table, as if to show his companion the road. In order not to face the fact that all the seats in the cafe (restaurant) busy man is to worry in advance and reserve a table.

At least you can sit down at a table where there are available seats. However, this is not worth it. If it’s a first date, the extra people will only hinder you, especially if young people are shy and timid.

When the man brings the woman to an empty table, she takes the most convenient place. A man comes up to her, shoves the chair away from the table and when she sits down, pulls him up, then sits down himself, preferably opposite of his companion. If the girl for some time left the place, while she was returning again the man gets up, helps her to sit up and sit down only after the village of his companion.

All the conversation is loud, calm voice. You should not try on the first date seem too witty, telling dirty jokes, or too smart, sharing details about writing your dissertation. The same applies to the girl. Wanting to please the young man, she should not be too openly flirt with him, laugh out loud etc.

Seeing friends at a cafe or restaurant, you should greet them with a nod. Don’t quit your companion, or companion, and get hooked to them for the exchange of news. On a first date we should not invite them at his table or over to join him. If friends will want to come, the man gets up and starts talking to them standing up, a woman does not arise.

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