First date. No room for error


Last month I was lucky enough to meet a beautiful girl. Met a few times had a nice talk. The idea is that it’s time to do a step forward. Honestly, the Dating I was not very long ago: the last few years met one girl. But not to worry. I was sure that a date is like riding a Bicycle: if you learned to do everything right once and for all. In General, despite a lot of difficulties and a busy schedule, agreed to meet in a Japanese restaurant. Tuned in, braced himself, came here already took off his jacket, got a ticket, I saw her at the far end of the hall. Proud, confident gait of the

conqueror went in her direction, simultaneously nodding to several other friends came over, said with a smile, “hi.” And all… Came, as they say. No, I perfectly understood how to behave, what to say, just couldn’t organize it all. For some reason I was extremely shy. Perhaps this was the reason for the imbalance. Thank God, not luck turned her buttocks and the meeting went very well. But in any other case I would have just failed.

So I thought for themselves and others to formulate the basic rules of behavior on the first date. I am glad that the experience in dealing with the fair sex. This, of course, not the movie “hitch Method, step by step strategy to develop is impossible, because every girl is unique and definitely beautiful. But the General direction has not been canceled.

What to do:

1. Girl comes out to talk, not listen. So your role for the evening to listen to her beautiful speech, they sincerely feel and agree with everything she says. Don’t let life pauses. If you do not know what to say, good! Because you’re not supposed to say. Ask! If you feel that the girl was not particularly talkative, I suggest you start talking to myself, but that doesn’t mean that about yourself.

2. If a girl is already rather relaxed in your company (open position without crossed arms, legs) and enjoy talking with you, you must give the development of the situation. And not because you want to, but because we have to. At this stage you have to touch it. Not to sweaty hands grab her knee and not to naglazhivat her pen and just touch. An occasion to enjoy a light touch you can think of any – but don’t try to reach across the table asking to see her a gold ring. They won’t understand. Maybe to call the police.

3. Pay attention to her facial expressions and non-standard movement. For example, she rubs the earlobe or spins around its axis glass. But these actions, and the gap between them. The point is simple – first, these actions occur due to the fact that she’s shy. Then they disappear for a while, when it became less cautious, calm, relaxed and got used to you. And then these funny little things should be back, only this time they will mean a little crush on you, i.e. she likes you, based on. Now don’t spill anything. By the way, at this point you can give the dynamics, and, for example, to dance, to call up musicians. You can, for example, offer to change the dish or drink. Important any abstract.

4. Do indirect compliments. Direct compliments should be played in certain situations and it is desirable with the beginning of the evening. Later direct compliments will cause emotions down to irritation. Indirectly you can, for example, to ask about the music, and not whether it played on the piano. First, half of the girls really played. Secondly, everyone will ask why you decided that. You with a quiet kind, not with that dumb smile will say that she has a beautiful musical fingers. By the way, don’t be afraid callous words without suffixes, for example: fingers, lips, neck, eyes. The decor is too soft, diluted, it gives a nice effect.

5. You already seemed successful, intelligent, interesting young man. It’s time to call relative subconscious trust of the interlocutor. The best option in this situation will be short stories about parents. Not about their destiny and your relationship will seem like a Mama’s boy. Tell us about any funny or cute stories from their or your life.

6. And finally, be sure to be yourself. Do not invent themselves of images and not vivitas in the role of someone else. As he wrote Bitter: “Learn from everyone, follow no one.” The man is immediately evident if it it.

1. To talk about money. Do not think that it is the basic indicator for introducing you to the rank of first grade. Yes, many girls from the Mercantile nature, but certainly not to the extent that on the first date to pick your pocket and ask your capital. In any case, whatever you were talking about your financial wealth, you will not make a good impression. If things are bad for you, it is impossible to hide it, to lie even more. But the entire evening whining how hard it had and how you were wronged fate – a direct path to the sump. And I hope no need to explain that it is impossible to be interested in her. Even if you think that such a machine for girls in 20 years is not quite appropriate – try to hide their amazement and dispense with unnecessary questions.

2. Men’s pleasure. Talking about his life, no need: “And here we are yesterday with the guys so drunk. Not everyone will survive a liter of vodka”. Don’t be surprised, but still the vast majority of guys proudly talk about how they almost killed himself when he was going down to ten men in the “penny”, or how kicked my ass the big boxer. You want to pass a strong defender? Any girl nowadays does not believe the words, and fills an empty cell in the head with the opinion of men, only when you see the real action with my own eyes. And the stories about the drunken antics of your scumbag friends will not make you their background is good.

3. The monologue. Girls love the attention to his person, so they are arranged. And if you, not the whole flight, tell us about yourself, even if it is insanely important and really decent stuff – that will never do. Find the strength to shut up and listen. It’s better about your worthiness she’ll know a little later. Then she asked admiringly, why don’t you boasted about it on a first date.

4. Past. Ask about past relationships on a first date just not worth it, however, as it does. You never know what was in the past. And worse, if to this day she feels for his former feelings. But to work all evening waistcoat is not included in your plans. Moreover, asking the questions, you can create a terrible impression of Othello. And indeed through life always confident guy will think: “all that was before me.”

5. Career: Work is not a pleasant subject for conversation in a romantic setting. This topic is a little who causes a storm of positive emotions. Although, if she still would be an exception is even worse. You will be doomed all night to hear about her career, plans and possibilities. And your feigned enthusiasm will not help. In this situation, you’re just a one night stay mirror savienojieties. Literally.

6. Questions about family: it Seems that more innocuous topics can not be. But any your question can into anything or even tragedy. It is fraught with mood change completely for the better. Yes, and you will feel embarrassing if you answer that brother, for example, sat, grandmother died last night, and my parents recently got divorced.

7. Marriage. Not all women are so eager to get married as you think. Now they are increasingly seeking education or to a career, rather than to the household. Therefore, the conversation about marriage, not even about you personally, companion can even scare.

8. Personality. Girls primarily choose their partners, leaders, and personalities. One of the most serious misconceptions that need to immediately show your impenetrable temper, to dictate the terms. Even if you know a girl and her wishes by heart, I assure you, observing all its requirements with respect to the image men, you alienate and frighten. A girl needs a little to let in your space, only then she will be able to accept your opinion. Until then, listen to her, nod, back to the topic, even if she’s not interesting. Smile, even if the joke is not funny.

9. Approach. All the girls where young people are divided into “mothers” and “daughters”. Be very careful against them, to recognize immediately demeanor very hard. If “mom” to begin to sympathize, Lisp and regret, you’re always in her eyes will be just vacillators and cloth. If the “daughter” command to gather together, not to let go, to laugh at her difficulties for the heartless evil and uncouth boor.

Here they are – simple rules for a successful outcome date. Of course, we have to act according to circumstances. Someone actually easier to rely on chance. By the way, I will be very interested in reading in the forum for your thoughts, “chips” and interesting stories about Dating. Show off.


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