Boundaries of self-improvement no


The improvement of the Boundaries of self-improvement no.

Some of my readers thought about self-improvement, whether they present themselves on the verge of ideal? How will you look? How to speak? What will you say? Will you become a President or a famous actor.

All this can be described by one theory: “the Theory of 100 points”.

The subject is interesting enough and I couldn’t write about it in your blog. When everything in life is good and I start to think about what you

is not available to all, you want more from life, you want to be better than someone else, then you can pump yourself on the “Theory 100 points” and become an “bespectacled programmer” “master programmers”.

You know what is the difference from the first second? The first to sit in a dusty office and get 10K rubles, and the second value themselves and value their time and want to work in world-class companies. They are United by only one thing. And that and that can write a program on one level, only the first with the “feed yourself” to the employer of Fig.

So, what is the “Theory 100 points”? Let’s say there are 5 guides “male attractiveness”:


Internal state

Place in the pyramid

What you’re saying

As you say

Each element can be assessed 30 points. Personally, I appreciate this:

The appearance of 12 points.

Inner state – 18 points.

Place in the pyramid – 14 points.

What you say is 11 points.

As you say – 10 points (working on it, but not intensively).

Total turns 65 points. I’m currently working on the voice, I want to learn how to speak beautifully, still vote for me in the future. Voice and speech play a great role during the negotiations, therefore, should be a cinch!

Now on each item separately.

Appearance may include: clothing, hairstyle, skin care face and body, the teeth.

With the appearance always been a problem. Skin should care, but 70% of guys wouldn’t even think about. How is this so? To care for skin? Yes it’s the same for girls! But the face is one of the main features, which evaluate a person. Girls face is actually one of the main criteria.

If you earn more than 50 000 rubles, take care of yourself! Buy soap cleanser, creams for the face and hands, scrubs and shower gel. Cosmetics for men in boutiques pile, for example, a very familiar brand is Nivea.

Hair should be cut and washed. Constantly. I my 1 every 2 days – enough. The day before yesterday, the Barber said: “your Hair nice shiny than wash?”. Washed by the word Head&Shoulders. Swifts usually every 3 weeks. It’s nice to look in the mirror when your hair is all neat. And haircut now salons is from 170 rubles to 300 rubles. If your going to paint, add to that another 200-400 rubles.

Teeth are the most precious thing we have. To seal the 1 tooth now you have to pay from 700 rubles to 2,000, depending on dentistry. And the smell from the mouth does not give anyone a plus. If the pulpitis, it is more expensive. So I brush 2 times a day. In the morning and evening.

Now about the clothes. Wear what you want, what you love, but it is better to buy good clothes than 10 t-shirts in the Chinese market. How to dress? You is more than enough for the season $500 (in winter about $1000). Love to wear costumes – wear! It is not prohibited. Love t-shirts – wear, just remember that at the slightest hole of stretching and they must go in the trash.

I can tell some tips for clothing:

T-shirts that have a slit up the side in shorts/jeans are not made. Who is seasoned, and look very funny from the side.

– It is advisable to wear socks black. They fit almost everywhere. If you wear a white suit – wear white socks. Torn socks – to the dump! When wearing sandals – don’t wear socks.

– Footwear. Wear with a tissue or cloth. Kind of in the style of “the bus has come” is no longer in fashion. No one cares what you had, all just see that you have dirty boots/shoes. On a year to only 4 pairs. It is advisable to brush every day, and sometimes to give shoes to relax (that did not wear out quickly).

– Can you wear jeans, pants though. But if you wear pants, then arrow keys. Buy pants on the growth – to-heel shoes. And don’t forget about the belt. Jeans without a belt – bad look.

– To jeans fit nice leather belt. To stylish (youth) jeans leather belt with buckle. Awful jeans with webbed belt.

Shirt always bought size. Everything is simple, you want to wear a hoodie? I think not. Each suit different styles of shirts. Go to the store and choose for themselves. Between the collar and the neck have to place one of your finger. Shirts should be ironed. “Wrinkled” shirts don’t need to iron!

– Don’t wear someone else’s advertising. Why do you want someone to advertise?

There are often people who are on the streets and in the pockets of jeans, they have something stuck out. And it looks as though there is “shit”. Why would you? Cell phone you can carry in your hand or in a stylish bag, thank God, there’s plenty.

In the wallet, don’t put everything! There should be some cuts, a few plastic and all! Allowed to put in addition to the above – condoms.

A little about handbags – they fit the units, so I do not recommend to wear. In General, a brief excursion led, if you want to know more – go to specialized sites, or read at least a couple of articles from the pickup .

The internal state.

You probably faced a situation when you are “rushing” and you make everything? Here is the internal state. So you stuck girls you just have to be witty, kind, creative and you should shove, sausage and stick.

This is achieved in several ways, in the morning I do exercises (10-30 minutes), practicing gait D. O. R. E and D. O. R. E. all About it in the Internet is already written, so I will not repeat.

The social pyramid.

What is a social pyramid? Well, for example, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Agree, a powerful figure in our society?

There are several social pyramid:

The public authority.


A pyramid scheme.

Physical strength.

Personality (charisma).


With public authorities, all is clear. If you are the son of Zyuganov, then you will open all the way. And good Fennec, is to tell the myth in friendly company. Here I was greeted by 2 of the last measures of the city of Chelyabinsk. It seems that nothing special phrase does not (seriously shook it by the way).

How to be on top of the financial pyramid? Earning enough, everything is treated in a special way to those who earn a lot. And this does not mean that you have someone to spend money. You just have money.

Fame. To talk about it much. I had one girl a cool case. I said that I have a lot of friends, and sometimes going around the city, you have many to greet. Walking down the main pedestrian street of the city of Chelyabinsk, before I even said Hello with 6 buddies. You should have seen her eyes.

Super. Know how to do magic tricks? For girls – this sverkhvzmojnosti. The ability to direct trances, by the way, is also sverkhvzmojnosti.

Physical strength. People like security. Therefore, some of the girls and to reach for the muggers…

Like you say?

Communication is part of human life, and should not be neglected. I currently solve a big problem: during the negotiations, my speech sometimes breaks down. Chest voice to my tale.

How I will solve this problem – go “Voice training” – at this time it is the most effective way. I also do a few exercises.

What advice experts give?

– Speak a little. You can always regret if I say something redundant. You need any more problems.

– Speak slowly. Friend will understand you better.

– Answer the question with a delay. Before answering the question, mentally count to three.

– Speak low. This forces the listener to concentrate on your voice, and discard the excess at the moment.

– Speak voice. There is a bike, a man with a chest voice can resolve any problems. Richard Bandler said, “ … if you speak from the solar plexus, then your sales will triple, and sex will be as much as you want.” The facts of life, sales managers stand when carrying on a conversation with someone, and in the army, must stand at attention when talking to a superior.

– Speak rhythmically. Do it “breaking”. One “piece” of speech (before the pause) 6 words, the second piece of speech (after the pause and before the next pause) for 4 words.

If you need exercise, use the technique technique D. O. R. E.

What you’re saying.

In each situation it is necessary to refer to the experience of others. You no damage, but the interviewee has the experience of others to try on you. Quote books, magazines, experiments and surveys. Show the person that “you’re in the loop”.

Try not to do in conversations pause. Even if you hang out with friends. Don’t know what to say – ask.

That’s all the advice I can offer at the moment. Everyone decides for himself whether to use these tips, or stay the way he is. But agree that sometimes not adhering to these tips can lead to undesirable consequences.

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