How to win and keep a man?

How to win and keep a man?

In making contact with women men are much more timid than it seems at first glance. Of course, with rare exceptions.

When a man likes a woman, he responds to her in basically three ways. First — this is a smoothie that is some fluffy, soft insinuating voice to extol its virtues.

The second type of ” rude. His speech was aggressive and the offenderon, he seeks not just to impress, but into push the woman put in a position to have more control over it. Such men usually seek

kabe drunker than they actually are, and use GRUbye buzzwords.

Men of the third type may turn into a stone statue, completely ignoring the surrounding. He hopedXia that his taciturnity and art poses will intrigue a woman and she is interested in them.

Now that you are aware of the ways «podgadyvaniya” husbandchin, it is much easier to pick a course of conduct in everypractical case.

When the smoothie, this Casanova, will lead his Eulogy, vosHalaa your beauty, do not try silly grin, blush or giggle. We must remember that he not only admires VAmi, how many wants to confuse you and get the advantage of our SPthief. Then apply the rules of the game, give thanks, and then onpraise in response. Try to keep your compliment was with a double bottom over him and had to think. For a few moments the man is puzzled, digesting what you have said, and at this point, the odds are on your side. Go on the offensive, ask them, strew questions about career and leisure. Try to find out more about him if he is the man you want? And as little as possible, let us information about yourself.

If a man begins to be rude, ignore him GRUbye words attention, don’t show that you are offended or shocked. His rudeness — it’s just a way to get over you a moral advantage to overwhelm you. He popyremains to engage you in an argument — in no case do not go on it. Regardless of the subject matter of the dispute — art, politics, natureYes — only interested in you, and he knows no other wayBA to get to you. Here, too, the best defense — starting of assVAT issues. The man who was forced to answer them, precratic his ranting and will be slightly down from their positions. It is time to begin the attack. Fill it inquestions and you will be amazed at how quickly it cools down and get back to a civilized form of conversation. Here also it turns out-is there talking tough pleasant leachness or not. Most often, the answer will be positive, and the inlettion rudeness and recklessness — just a shell, behind which hides an ordinary man.

It is easier to cope with “stone sculpture”. For perfirst look — this is the most unapproachable man, but stands forto give him, as if in passing, random question, requiring aboutseparate answer, and he will turn into the defending sidewell, will come out of your dark, mephistophelian state. And then must be followed by a regular series of personal questions: where he lives than they earn, etc. You podagricaete to him because all he wanted — is that you came first and took responsibility for everything that happens. But you will always have the advantage in the conversation, and only you BUdete determine how far it will go.

Do not allow men to take you over the top in the conversation until you are sure that tamed them. Men attractiveUte brave, confident, opinionated women — they challenge them, they should be conquer. Do not think that the husbandofficials are afraid of modern, self-confident, Revtively women. They are not afraid, — they love them. EUif you met a man that really attracts you, try to give him a clear message: show that you have a pleasant conversation with him, show interest in his life, inspirements. Then using small requests (to bring the glass to the wheel chair) reinforced his sense of ownership inwear you.

And so he felt like your owner, you are close to success: your new friend will begin to protect you from claims of other men, and his mood noticeably improvedone, when you will understand that you — together with him. There is nowhich more improves the self-esteem of men and Eerocally of interest to you, than fight for you (provided that he always comes out on top).

If the man wants people to admire his agility, strength, courage, money he Zarabative, the woman needed to appreciate her beauty. The man to whom not laziness day-to-day to repeat to his wife: “o Lord, you’re beautiful!” — can feel in the floorterm safety: it will not be forced to wash dishes, to put on the table their entire salary, extra time to run to the store. And onagainst, woman, crawled even formal attention to her appearance on the part of men, very quickly prevratitsa to vixen: going to grumble, to complain of their lotnumerical sores, whining and, eventually, to death gash husband.

The ratio of men to women largely determidetermined desire “to bring into a state of shock”, surprise, cause dumb delight and amazement nonfictional stories. The woman in this sense stands firmly on the ground, she didn’t come to shake men what in her life never happened. She will gladly allow themselves to surprise. She HwaTitus on this and effort, and focus, and shutter speed. Women more than anything, I love surprises. If a man Hoeven to save yourself from shrewish wife, let him buy her eachevery day some cute little thing. If the woman will become a burden to the dissatisfaction of men, let nothing buys neither myself nor him, but leave him alone for at least an hour when he gets home from work, and will give him the opportunity forteriorate what he wants.

Men silence is needed, such as a hot tub, in toTorah they like to be pampered. Exactly the same emotional women need a small scene, which will invigorate them as a cool shower. Men don’t feel the need to speak on the phone, for woman — this is one of the velicausi enjoyment. They need at least an hour a day to be like to talk. Men have the hour needed to be quiet.

When Pythagoras said: “Noble wife! Ifbark, to the husband of your free time spent beside you, patsis to it in any other place is not found so much pleasure, pleasure, modesty, and tenderness”. To keep a man and to strengthen the family, a woman shouldto remember and observe 7 of the rules necessary in family life.

Never “saw” husband. To useful and smart vering the remark comes immediately to stupid — no matter how you say, will not happen.

Do not attempt to re-educate a man. In the relationshipsthe relationship between people is the main thing — not to interfere with the man OSTby yourself, don’t force him to change established habits that bring him pleasure, unless, of Courbut, they do not harm others.

Give husband signs of attention and expect the same from him. Signs of attention — it’s a good style from maritalrelations. It is important only that it wasn’t too annoying PURVym and cloying.

Do not criticize her husband in the presence of strangers, familiar WIIR, relatives, children. Criticisms, even the EUwhether they are fair, should speak with you face to face. Besides constant criticism of one of the spouses leads to discomfort in the family, conflict, emotional breakdowns, destroys conjugal contact.

Remember only the good. The ability to remember the good times — it’s the ability to forget the bad.

Be polite. Somehow, some quite of educationTanno and polite at work, people in the family becomes snippyAnami who constantly dictate, preach, blame.

Take care of your health and loved ones. Ancient Chinese saying: ’s Health — the first wealth, and the second ” happy marriage”. Monitor the health of her husband, catchingleave it in time to go to the doctor, be examined, to pass Prolactococci inspection. People who are not watching their healtroblem, — a respectable selfish, as his diseases impose a heavy burden on the shoulders of family and friends.

It is noticed that the husband and wife who have lived long in a marriage, atbegins to resemble each other. Indeed, if the supraGI live in peace and harmony, they adopted each other’s mannerisms, equally react to certain events, they produced the same tastes and habits. They don’t just live together, they live together for each other, and onit each of them is entitled to say: “Your life — my life”.


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