Sex on the first date, for and against


Is it acceptable to have sex at the first meeting?

Sex is extraordinary performance that occurs between a man and a woman, makes you open up to each other, a kind of culmination, fueled by the interest in long-coveted object. And this bedding joy be many times sweeter and better. What if relationships start with sex? Let’s not prevaricate, because if you are going on a first date, we take into account not only the image but also carefully select underwear, do hair removal, even if the intima at the first acquaintance with a man cannot be and speeches. Why, they ask, are we doing this?

Of course, in order to feel more confident when meeting. But somewhere in the subconscious inner voice whispers, “what if?”. Then the possibility of sex on the first date is great, even if we don’t plan. But the consequences of such fleeting passions and how will continue to develop a relationship with a man we rarely think. And this could cause trauma or even ruin lives.

What causes men to engage in sexual contact when they first met?

With men it’s simple. Banal desire to have sex with ANY attractive girl — physiological norm for the representatives of the stronger sex. Nature taking its course. In some cases, a man can’t restrain yourself, and it tends to quickly find out what a woman in bed to make conclusions for themselves.

There is also a category of men-hunters, who thus try to assert themselves. Especially if they manage to persuade to have sex on the first date, the girl, is reputed in the society touchy. Typically, these hunters of the ladies ‘ hearts just “collect” women, accidentally caught in their cleverly placed network.

And yet, most men are guided by the banal DESIRE. Haven’t met no representative of the stronger sex, who would deliberately refused sex. Unless very shy guys can behave on a first date, carefully hiding all too notorious desire.

Why girls agree to have sex on the first date?

With girls, things are much more complicated. Still in the planning stage of Dating, they think of this sensitive issue. And to inspire action and to yield to the guy in terms of sex already when introducing them to a variety of reasons, up to the skillful manipulation of the opposite sex.

One of the reasons why girls agree to sex on the first date, is curiosity. Young ladies as well as guys, just want to know what her possible partner in bed. And the sooner the better.

Another reason is the willingness to adventure. These ladies consider sex with a unfamiliar person as another adventure and will not abandon the extreme, for example, from the sentence the guy to do it in the car, on the roof of a skyscraper, or in any other unusual place.

In both cases, if you do not wait for sex no climax and some severgnini manifestations of attention from men, and decided to just enjoy a pleasant moment, it can afford to “relax” without fear of harming your state of mind.

If you agree to sex just because of the fact that otherwise the second date, or a guy thinks you “blue stocking”, the pleasure of this pastime will not be enough. Believe me, if a guy is adjusted only for sex, second date will not be, in any case, even if he failed to induce you to refer to the first. Only one sex man beside him to keep.

Very often the girl agree to sex on the first date, to prove something to a friend. For example, the guy — everyone’s favorite girls, and chose to partner with you. How can not be tempted. Fortunately, this behavior only occurs for very young ladies, as Mature girls and women are quite self-sufficient and they don’t need someone to prove something. They know their value.

Finally, our sharp, sudden desire may be the cause of skillful manipulation. Certain gestures, spoken kind words, mixed views, maddening fragrance… and you are “trapped”. You have the impression that you are in a fairy tale, but actually it is not that other, as pikaperskih divorce.

Relationship after sex is almost never continue, because the goal of the man in this case is simply to “breed a girl for sex”, then in a circle of friends to boast its another “victory”. By the way, that the pickup can cause serious mental trauma. If the man-hunter honestly and boldly confesses to you, what he is waiting for you, pick up artist never talk about it directly will not tell. And will win your body with all sorts of tricks and deception. And what is most dramatic, these are the “bad guys” often women fall in love.

Sex on first date: to be or not to be

And yet, whether to agree to sex on the first date? Today, the stereotypes have changed, Puritan days are gone and what was once considered shameful, is now acceptable norm. However, we often go to extremes, thereby damaging his own psyche and order poisoning yourself.

When “you”

We live in a free society and only you have the right to decide whether to agree to sex when they first met. But in order not to cause yourself harm, determine to begin with — exactly what you need from this man. If you expect nothing from him, not build any illusions about the future with this partner, then why not. Non-committal sex is quite possible. At least you’ll have fun. And then who knows, maybe that man in you will fall in love.

If sex happened to the pickup artist, is also a kind of experience. Just take this realistic, not expecting anything from such men subsequently.

Don’t forget that sex, including oral, must be, above all, safe. So take care of the condom and Miramistin. After all, men often forget about such “trifles”, and to believe that he does it for the first time or only with you, silly. Be cautious!

And you should have an idea about his possible choice — occupation, interests, circle of friends. Now it’s easy to figure out on his page in social networks, searching the necessary information. In this case, this vigilance is a question of vital security, because unfamiliar people may be crazy, if not a maniac.

Also, be prepared for the fact that the guy (which you only needed to have sex) could seriously fall in love and turn into bothersome cavalier, spoiling your relationships with other men. Therefore, before embarking on a fun adventure, examine habits of your companion and if he is a whiner or will implicitly obey ALL your wishes, beat anxiety. Maybe to you annoying type!

When “no”

If your partner all evening and only talks about sex in every way you bowing to it, do not succumb. This, at least, impolite. You need to have a serious relationship? In bed with him too hardly in harmony, he will seek to satisfy their own lust, caring little about the fun ladies.

In the case when the man insists on sex without a condom and gives arguments like “sex in a condom is like smelling a rose in a gas mask” or “you, perhaps it was just contagious, playing this way on female modesty, refuse. This type does not pays you no attention at all to sex and is unlikely to become softer after. If you’re pregnant or ill, to suffer all the difficulties have. His support can not count.

Also don’t settle for sex, if the man at least a little bit makes you suspicious — Malo says about herself, especially about what he does, sullen looks and constantly looking around. One acquaintance is difficult to understand who is in front of you.

Finally, if you hope to continue relations with this man, and want of affection and care from him, then sex is worth to wait. As society progressed, and by nature we are minded. And if you will allow him more on a first date, somewhere in the subconscious of your guy to fixate the idea of your readily available. And these girls strong sex rarely chooses a constant companion.

Although the history of the known exceptions. Mature man understands him why you “trust” already at the first meeting, it is not that other, as a compliment to his sexuality and the greatest gesture of trust. Many happy couples have started relationships with sex.

But not always, each case is individual. One man can perceive your consent as the norm and having the interest to you as a woman, the other, on the contrary, cease to respect such act or just alienate him. So even if you know about the successful experience of a friend who was having relationship with sex on the first date, it does not mean that history will repeat itself exactly. Everyone has their own scenario.

If you do not resist and allowed him more than I should have, but I hope to continue the relationship, use proven female cunning. While the man luxuriates in bed after sex (preferably sleeping), quietly walk away from him without explaining anything. But prudently “forget” any trifle, for example, a hairpin, a lipstick or a small flask of perfume.

First, he will think what he did is wrong and you left without even saying goodbye. And secondly, as a decent gentleman, he’ll call at least in order to return a forgotten thing. And as if by chance you get a second date already. And then who knows… Sometimes a second chance to win men’s attention is much more successful first.


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