Women’s pick-up how to meet a man


Female pickup: how to meet a man

About the courses of learning to meet and seduce women or men of a pickup truck, has long been known. Recently, however, the fashion began to actively penetrate and classes on women’s pickup. What did they teach?

Meet a man anywhere can. I, for one, with her boyfriend met online. Not on a Dating site, though, and literary forum. It is estimated that every fifth pair meets today in the world wide web. What about the traditional Dating

places like a cafe or subway? There is always a lot of men, and ideally, if favourite guy he will lead a conversation with you, but if not? I came across an advertisement for a course of female pickup – the-art to meet men. I decided to go for these courses and test their effectiveness for yourself, after all, promised to teach easily get acquainted with any man anywhere. Can’t say that my boyfriend was delighted with this idea, but my female and professional curiosity took over.

Magic words

The courses took place in the office located in one of the apartments in new buildings. Those wishing to learn the art of Dating with men have gained 14. The youngest of them was 18 and the oldest was 36. Tall, slender blonde Diana, the course instructor, asked us to share why we did not get to meet men. The reason they all had one – shyness. After all, it is assumed that the initiative should be the man.

“The submitted study, 95 % of men like it when a woman meets the first, and 71 % thought it was okay, if a woman invites him on a date,” a confident voice said Diana. – Therefore, the main goal girls is to ensure that men have a desire to meet again with her. This is a women’s pick-up truck or the art of attracting the attention of the opposite sex”. Further, from her monologue was that before starting to meet men, you need to decide what treatment you need. After all, this depends largely on the choice of the places where you will be “pitapit” of the elect. Classes consisted of our study of the theory and homework. We considered various methods to discover in certain places, and as the challenge used the knowledge in practice. In class we learned that the magic phrase “I immediately noticed that you are smarter (more virile, more beautiful) the other person” while Dating, men works almost flawlessly. The trick is to highlight a man among others. Research on this hook caught 9 men out of 10.

In the work environment

Office romance is not only the history of melodrama. It turns out that marriages between colleagues, as a rule, very strong. First, spouses understand the passions of each other, and secondly, they are always aware of the successes and defeats on the working front, so to praise or support. So Dating at work is a promising option. My girlfriend Galya, for example, her future husband met in the native office. Sergey came to him, when she already worked there for over a year. The young man immediately liked her, and She decided on a “veteran” first to start a conversation. The pretext for this she chose a logical, if rather banal. “Hi, my name is Galya. You would go to lunch, and along the way I’ll show you our office, ” she offered a new employee. To attract the attention of someone from the “old”, too simple. You’re working together, so you can always use a couple of questions which are in its competence.

After listening to theoretical details of Dating with men at work, I began to seek out in his almost all-female team of men with whom I haven’t met yet. Having found this, the system administrator Igor, I confidently dialed his internal phone and naive voice said that I have an important document that I can’t find. After 10 minutes, Igor was sitting at my monitor and explained to me how it is possible to recover the missing files. I smiled gratefully and said he immediately noticed he is much more talented than IT managers, whom I knew before. In response, Igor invited me to lunch.

Cafe bars-restaurants

Once in a cafe I watched this scene: at the same table sat a young lady 25 years old, and for the next two young men 30 years. The girl has been interested glanced in the direction of one of them, until they finally called the waitress and asked her to pass a note. After a couple of minutes, the girl sat at the same table with the young people. Leaving the cafe, I broke down and asked the waitress what was written in the note. It turned out just five words: “I like your friend”.

In the courses, we explained that Dating in cafes, bars and restaurants – the best way to learn as much as possible about the man already at the first meeting. For a start, you should pay attention to what he ordered. This will tell you about his attitude to their own health. Then look how he eats. It will be clear how much he raised. So important, how it pays: does every penny, leave a tip, is it easy to part with money. With the aim to meet it is best to go to such places, where most all the tables are occupied. The most ideal way to get noticed is to ask permission to sit down at a table. But in such places guys rarely go alone, so if possible, take a friend.

Armed with the knowledge on bar and restaurant the pickup, I persuaded my colleague Vitu to go for dinner, not in the usual dining room and the café across from our office. As luck would have it, a free table in the school was enough. Had to include fantasy. We Twisted with a straight face approached the table to two handsome young men sitting near the window. His desire to join them, we are motivated by the fact that on the free table very blowing out conditioned, and we’d rather not catch a cold. The guys welcomed us at his table. During the conversation it became clear that one of them is hopelessly married, and the other is a chronic workaholic. Yet the second he asked for phone numbers, because he was impressed with our sense of humor: it turned out that in this place there is no air conditioning.

Street initiative

And this is where freedom for hunting – so it is on city streets. Here you can easily find a lot of reasons to come to you like a man. Easiest way to get to know the owners of domestic animals. Ideally, if you have a pet. But if you’re driving, feel free to ask a man to help you with Parking. And, you can ask the mobile phone urgently to call my mom, take a picture of you or just to ask the way to the street such and such.

Connoisseurs of female pickup argue that Dating outside the main – subtle hint to convince the man in the need to meet again. For example, if it turned out that he is well versed in cars, tell him you just want to buy on credit a small little car, and you need help in choosing.

Doing your homework on the pickup in the Central Park of the city, I am armed with a camera and asked to photograph me in front of a statue. Men enjoy taking pictures, but here is to strike up a conversation with them proved difficult. Only on the fifth picture I managed to trick a guy into the conversation. I asked him, not whether he will help me find my new digital camera mode to black and white photography. The young man frankly admitted that the technique he, unlike his best friend, a professional photographer. I immediately told him that I urgently need to make a portfolio, and asked if he could introduce me to your friend. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to phone the next day.

Women’s tricks

Common interests is the best way to Dating. You need to go for specialized courses, exhibitions, galleries, gyms or other hobby groups. There easy to learn. In addition, the psychologists assure that nothing brings people together like a shared hobby.

But wherever you are acquainted with a man, you should always remember a few proven rules of women’s pickup. It is noteworthy that 80% of men will definitely keep the conversation going with a woman who asked when meeting him for help (whether it is a choice gift for dad or replacing wheels), and 75% of men will certainly try to meet a woman who asked, carefully looking him in the eye, why he looks at her. And another female trick: if you met a man and he’ll help, but has not shown interest, in parting, you give him your hand. Studies show that a handshake quietly brings together instinctively.

Ten lessons on the art of Dating with men brought results. Out of the 14 trainees of the course 10 met with several potential suitors. One left us already at the fifth session, because during the execution of one of the homework assignments met the man of her dreams and this love at first sight was mutual. And I, happy new acquaintances and interesting information, all of a sudden

understand that your main pickup in the life has already done. When reported their phone number to a young man with literary forum.


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