How to fall in love with a guy 19 major secrets

How to fall in love with the guy?

None of us are alien to the feeling of love – the state when we are hovering in the clouds, dreaming about the object of desire and painfully waiting for a meeting. The course is everything from predictable patterns of behavior to tricks. Of course, every man in one way or another you need an individual approach. But still the secrets of capturing the heart exist. We will share with girls that are configured to act decisively! How to fall in love with the guy and get him interested in our step by step instructions.

Happened – he was invited on a date. It is for that first date can be judged, how will your relationship with your favorite guy. First you need to get them interested and make the first meeting a memorable one. So, we begin to learn…

secret 1. First date: the limits of decency.

A date is a very exciting event. The main task is to attract the guy and show their best side. Therefore it is better to think through everything in advance: from clothing to talk. The conversation be tactful and delicate. Exclusively forbidden and topics of concern, particularly about the former. Try to create a positive atmosphere – the interlocutor feel it. Don’t judge others and don’t be too curious – the work and the size of his wallet should you be interested! Don’t give me all the information about yourself. First, anyone interested to listen to the monotonous narration of the lives of others, and secondly, the guy is not interested in Prater Park. Control behavior and speech.

2. the secret To be a mystery.

This means being able to tune into the conversation. Less talk, more listen. Cute smile and shoot eyes – but only so that it didn’t look dirty. In the eyes of the guy Flirty girl – feminine and mysterious. In General, fascinate, behave like a real lady. But know your limits: no self-confidence and bulging of of advantages. But no need to show an active interest in the guy. This is the main mystery. A guy should want to see you again.

So, the young man fascinated by you and sees further communication. I am on a mission.

secret 3. To be weak.

Great way how to charm a guy to make it clear to him that you need him — a strong and reliable defender. But don’t be quite so helpless, or worse, a man in a skirt. The dream of every guy — the fragile and gentle girl. And you should live up to that image.

secret 4. Let him next to me feel like a Man.

Let him to save you. No matter what: dogs, ham street – still, if only he showed his heroic quality. You can just ask to do something for you. And then don’t forget to tell him what he’s done – so beloved of a desire to continue to perform heroic deeds. Remember, the guy next to you needs to feel like a Man.

secret 5. To admire them.

Right to praise her man, highlighting its best qualities, must. Especially if you have something 🙂 He is like the air, you just need to hear praise and encouraging words in his address. Men are susceptible to flattery. All. However, stick to the Golden mean – not even the favorite dish bored if they eat daily.

secret 6. Be yourself.

Be sincere, don’t try to be someone you are not, don’t podstraivalsya and don’t copy others. The ability to be yourself is the highlight and one of the most effective methods how to charm a guy. This is what makes us a person, a personality! Honesty, sincerity and kindness should be a part of you. Because every man wants his girlfriend/wife had these invaluable qualities.

secret 7. Vitality and vigor.

Admit it, not every guy wants to spend her time with apathetic and sullen girl. Cheerfulness is simply obliged to walk with you through life! Have fun girls are much more likely to get a man’s attention and love. From the gleam in his eyes, a smile on his face and a good mood you’ll be even more beautiful!

secret 8. To be fully developed.

Develop, read, take an interest in what is happening in the world news. With a curious girl, always a topic for conversation, and therefore will be present interest! Also take an interest in the Affairs of a loved one, maintain it – trust me, men see it and appreciate it.

So, you have already found. It’s the most romantic time in a relationship – candy-bouquet period: a beautiful courtship, beginning together in a weekend, often desire to see each other and spend much time together, to surprise, to make surprises and gifts. It’s time to show the best traits, intelligence, and womanly wisdom.

secret 9. Find a common activity.

Well, if you are addicted to his hobby – then you will have to join the common cause, which means that you will be not just a girlfriend but also a friend! This is very important. However, the hobby should you like classes using strength not bring anything good. Do, what your heart desires: sports, photography, cooking or walking the dogs in the yard, if only you was a joy.

secret 10. To create comfort for two.

If the person feel comfortable and cozy, it is good to let it go Oh I don’t want it. So work on creating a harmonious, warm atmosphere together. After all, the real feeling comes from spiritual bonding.

secret 11. Not to relax.

Don’t think that if you are already together, then you can relax. Relationships take work constantly! Continue to captivate their care, and in the sex ingenuity. Be a little unpredictable! Because who does not like girls can subtly feel that we need relationships. Not sacrifice their interests and don’t cancel term plans for him. You may remain a part of the puzzle I want to solve. From this it follows:

the secret 12. Try to be different.

This means at least sometimes to change something in their appearance – for example, clothing style or hairstyle. But no need to overdo it: welcome only minor changes in order not to put the guy in shock. )

secret 13. To have a sense of humor.

Be witty. Sense of humor will come to the rescue even in the most ridiculous situations! Moreover, it is very sexy.

You are already accustomed to each other, know their strengths and weaknesses, and seems nothing can dampen your happiness. But don’t stop: relationships are like flowers and need daily care and solicitude.

secret 14. Not to forget to look after themselves.

Let’s not talk about that it must make every girl will only mention that to follow him means not only freshening up. with the appearance, but also to take care of your health. Need it primarily for yourself. As to the figures, a real lady needs to be toned and have a Royal posture. You without makeup, but with clean hair and neat nails!

secret 15. Let him get bored.

Not namasivaya guy, have their own plans and Hobbies don’t need to quit at the first request to see. You both should be personal space when you want to devote time to yourself, parents, friends. Trust me, then you will pull together more.

secret 16. Not to restrict the freedom of the beloved.

The guy must know that you’re not trying to control it and to infringe on its independence. They value their freedom! So if you want unconditional love to yourself, don’t try to pry into his space, when he “hides in his cave”. Just give him time to be alone. He’ll be back full of energy and you will be infinitely grateful for it.

secret 17. To consider his opinion.

Sooner or later in a relationship there are disputes and disagreements. This is not surprising – after all, we are different personalities, habits, views on life. You need to wisely approach the issue of conflict resolution, to be able not only to listen to the opposing point of view, but to accept it. Counsel with him, but at the same time make sure that you’re able to cope with difficulties.

secret 18. To trust him.

Rely on him in any situation and be confident in his ability not just to resolve a difficult task, but to move mountains. And never spy on your favorite — it is low.

secret 19. To speak plainly.

Men are very poorly understand the hints rather absolutely do not understand them. So the thought of word, clearly, without confusing introductions. Directness and tact are your best helpers in the ability to negotiate and to resolve conflict situations.

We hope these tips about how to fall in love with a guy will help you find a woman’s happiness and correctly to build your relationship with a loved one, but also to strengthen them, laying a solid Foundation for the future of a happy marriage. )

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