Why do people fight How to avoid conflicts

Initially, human relations quarrels almost never happens. On the contrary, people tend to try to please each other, show your positive qualities and hide flaws. But soon, something is going on with these people, and they begin to quarrel over nothing: the tube of toothpaste

from the center of pressure, the toilet lid is not closed, snore, litter, ass scratching, and so on. And before this for some reason and didn’t notice. So why do people fight? What are the causes of conflicts and how to avoid them? About it below!

People fight almost everywhere: at work, in family, with strangers, TV, everywhere, just give me a reason. Actually, I think the person is a patient creature. Many of us always try to avoid conflicts, many people suffer as long as the patient will not burst. So many reasons why people fight, depend on individual personality type, temperament. life setting.

Why do people fight?

One of the reasons for quarrels, may be constant stress and fatigue . People sometimes just needs rest to recover. And as often happens? People working and working, not resting, stress builds up, causing the person becomes irritable and starts attacking people. Hence arise quarrels in the family, with friends, at work, and for nothing.

Therefore, a person should rest. Have to give him time to be alone by himself. And the stress will pass. and fatigue will disappear and people will be quiet and inoffensive.

Another cause of the quarrels connected with type temperament . There are people who just like to publicly quarreling. So they assert themselves, verugal someone in front of everyone. They feel cool, leaders and just scratch your ego. These people are not very much. In my lifetime I met a couple of lunatics. As I said above, the vast majority tries to avoid conflict.

The causes of quarrels between a pair of lovers takes place on the following list:

You’re just tired of each other,

Quarrels help You relieve stress,

Sexual frustration,

The reluctance to take on new responsibilities that appear in life together,

You expect too much from the other,

After a fight You get closer,

You turn to your sweetheart with direct requests, with the result that he or she remains ignorant of what You need and how to help,

You speak honestly and openly exclusively in quarrels.

These are the main reasons why a young couple quarrel among themselves. It is absolutely normal. So don’t think that You have something wrong in the relationship. Especially when You continue to live together with that person. I’m sure in life together, especially in its early quarrels to avoid, as there are new problems, difficulties and misunderstandings. Here you need time to adjust and learn to cope with all the difficulties of life together.

Another reason for quarrels, it is the desire to prove their case . All people are different and they think differently because they have their own unique point of view about everything that is happening. The result is a clash of interests. And this leads to huge fights. Many people tore contracts, continued partnerships, betrayed each other, and all due to the fact that they believe that it is necessary to do so, and not otherwise. Because of this, even the war began. It is now a nuclear weapons deters the beginning of a new war, and so, because of the conflict of interest she would have already started.

The sense of injustice is another main reason for the emergence of quarrels. Many people believe that one more lucky than others because of what they feel injustice. Actually life is really someone more lucky, and someone less. This fact may have to accept, but it is better to try to make You more fortunate. Now, let’s say Your colleague got a promotion at work. You begin to resent, like, how is it that I work here anymore, I’m smarter than him, he wasn’t, what the hell he was promoted? Then You go to the head and start to fight. So here injustice pushes us to the scandals.

Misunderstanding is also a very common cause of quarrels between people. One says that he wants to do so, and actually the other wanted to do differently. Or the wife wanted a fur coat, and her husband thought and such a quarrel occur in a vacuum. Or the guy to his girlfriend bought a third size bra, and she immediately thought it was a hint of her Breasts. And again there is a quarrel out of nothing. Guys, be careful!

How often have quarrels because of dissatisfaction . For example, her husband came home late at night, resulting in his wife unhappy. All at once there is a quarrel. Let’s see how this happens:

Wife – why are You so late?

Husband has to work Late, full hands on deck today!

Wife – And maybe you’re there with someone nice to spend time, because of you perfume for women smells like?

Husband – No, we just have to work a lot of women. What are you starting, I’m tired as a dog, and you’re here with your claims!

Wife – you’re tired. I was tired of the house to clean up after you, to collect socks, live like a pig…

Then You know what happens. I took one example of discontent. But a lot of them. For example, monotonous life, money problems, lack of time on the important things and a lot more.

So, why do people fight . we figured out. It’s time to answer the question of how to avoid conflict . Because sometimes people just don’t want to join, but if it is inevitable, then no special techniques are necessary here. Now let’s talk about them below.

How to avoid conflicts?

To avoid conflict, You have to be calm and aware . Get ready for what You will say a lot of unpleasant things. This training will help You not to take negative criticism in Your direction. Awareness will help You not to succumb to provocations. During the conflict, just listen to screaming at You as a person and quietly say about how You think and why You think so. When You say quietly, screaming at You man slowly begins to calm down. If You yell, it will be even louder yell. Try to calmly explain to the person, and don’t forget to listen to him. In any case, don’t interrupt screaming, he will come after You percredit.

The second way to avoid conflict is not to participate in it . Better find a way to evade him. After all, unhappy person needs time to cool off. And while it is hot, better be somewhere in other place, avoid meeting. If a meeting is unavoidable, use the receive smoothing the conflict.

Any conflict can be ameliorated . if you want it. And you can do it with a sense of humor. smiles, accepting that You were wrong and so on. Here let Your imagination plays .

These tips are given to those who are a victim. But sometimes You want to speak. Let’s say Your employee screwed up so now You are trapped in a small debts. Well here is the fangs not to release, because he created You the problem, now You solve it?

In this case the conflict and not avoid. The harder the employees, the better. But if Your employee’s best friend, here You have to be patient. Try to speak with him barefoot with a subordinate, but as if You are equals. The top position exacerbates the conflict, the position is equal to its narrows.

And anyway, before you engage in a fight, think about all the little things. Perhaps people are not to blame for what happened. Put yourself in the shoes of others, realize that all people make mistakes. Because sometimes we are aware of the value of any relationship when destroy them. As they say, losing cry. The following video proves it.

Why do people fight, How to avoid conflicts


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