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Name: Toromanovic Pavel Aleksandrovich in Latin transliteration TVORONONOVICH PAVEL ALEKSANDROVICH

Transcript date of birth:

Dedication (15) (the ability to defend their views, to set goals and objectives) :

Family man (3) (a desire to have a family, to be among their loved ones) :

man is torn between the strongest desire to start a family at any cost and the reluctance to do it at all. If such a person decided to marry, you must

use a case, otherwise it will be postponed for a long time

Stability (12) (habits, affections, fear and unwillingness to change) :

Self-assessment (12) (the desire to distinguish themselves from the crowd, to seem more vivid personality ) :

Financial independence (8) (the improvement of their life, to support the family financially) :

overload of quality, people starting to work intensively, quickly wears itself and comes to a complete suspension of work (ruptured), it makes a lot of different things, spray them, creating the illusion of work

Talent (9) :

the higher the number the greater quality, but not worth zaziklivatsja on this value, you need to develop this quality, remember less than 10% of people in the world don’t have the talent

Personal horoscope, Natal chart for date of birth 19.9.1977

Transcript of the birth chart on the date 19.9.1977

The sun in Virgo ( 25 Vi 56 )

The sun in your horoscope is in the sign of Virgo. You are rational, accurate and balanced. Clear analytical mind, ability to focus on the task at hand and patience make you a partner on whom you can always rely on. However, you should not take on too much work and try to do everything yourself, even if you are better at it than others. Temper tantrums, complain to others and health problems can disrupt the rhythm of life. In love, you can act as a sophisticated seducer. Some physical detachment and coldness combined with the passion of the soul create a relationship atmosphere of uncertainty and mystery. In marriage, you tend to remain faithful, but only if the partner worthy. Its easy to hide infidelity.

The moon in Sagittarius ( 9 Sa 13 )

You possess pedagogical talent, which can manifest itself at any level. Your emotions are rich and provide an excellent environment for a deep contact with the audience. You are independent and confident. There is a need in bright impressions, entertainment, rituals with dedication. This position of the moon is favorable for politicians, humanists (emotional work with the word), musicians.

Mercury in Virgo ( 8 Vi 26 )

You have an excellent memory. Your speech is terse, but grammatically flawless. You can successfully be manifested in teaching and literary activities, there are tendencies to medicine. Sometimes there are too critical of others. When working with information carefully and consistently handle the details and subject them to analysis. For any activity is the practical calculation and clear purpose.

Venus in Leo ( Le 25 35 )

Your feelings are deep and dramatic. Love and passion – a mandatory condition of existence. You attractive to the opposite sex and are confident in their strengths. Overbearing and jealous. Acting talent, which manifests itself in life. Appreciate all beautiful.

Mars in Cancer ( Ca 10 45 )

You are sensitive, vulnerable and emotionally unrestrained. Touchy and often regret the sharp reaction in contact with people and spontaneous expression of feelings. “Plant” from criticism in your address, do not tolerate competition. Not always explicit, though not likely long to hold grudges or wish you well feel the moment when you can make peace and how to do it. The ability to perform a reset on the body” gives you good quality for good results in sports; especially in competitions (among many famous players of the holders of Mars in the sign of Cancer). Your sexuality too emotionally mediated, it is very important sense of security and trust. The activity is largely aimed at domestic tyranny in all its manifestations. “To build a house, plant a tree and raise a son” is about Mars in the sign of Cancer. At a higher level – patriotism, interest in history and politics.

Jupiter in Cancer ( Ca 4 9 )

You appreciate tradition, the environment and the world in which you live. A sense of patriotism for you is emotional. You are more than ready to defend the weak, to care. For women – a strong maternal instinct. The need to have your own Home, which is the center of personal and spiritual development. Good cooking skills, Gluttony. Love to comfort.

Saturn in Leo ( 24 Le 57 )

You tend to constrain and economical in expression of feelings. Painful feel about the infringement of your authority and demand proper respect. Treat too seriously and ignore the usual human weaknesses. Attaining to the highest position and power.

Pluto in Libra ( 13 Li 22 )

You will learn and much to change in yourself under the influence of significant partnerships. This theme is for you contains the extreme; “all Or nothing” – so often the fate of the interaction partner. With peak events of your life experiences related to emotional perception of intimacy or confrontation with another person, which to you personally transform reality and mean update (and sometimes zero) the pre-defined values. You are subjected to the influence of fashion that stereotype, but after a while you give up on trends and ideals (idols). The position of Pluto is a generational aspect, and in the sign of Libra Pluto was from 1971 to 1984. It is worth considering, because this position of Pluto is the background for a wide range of people from your surroundings. The pursuit of elitism in contacts, cooperation, compliance developed aesthetic installations bring to your communication with business and personal partners a lot of tension and competition. You aspire to meet, you have a lot in yourself to change. Therefore, decide on only those relationships that promise a lot and perform any obligations upon yourself.

Uranus in Scorpio ( 9 Sc 24 )

Abrupt changes in current events, losses, constant inner tension and, as a result, outbreaks of aggression – all of these are your extremely deep and intense emotional life. The destruction of stability and unexpected loss, separation lead each time to the beginning of a new phase. You don’t tend to step on the same rake, but it can find new, since your revolutionary intuition throws you from one test to another. Otherwise you show your passion in a narrower circle, throwing a storm in a teacup” that dissipates energy and prevents to get rid of these shackles and try something not yet explored. You are innovative and easy to master new technologies. Occult abilities manifest spontaneously, but for mastering the ability to anticipate and guide the development of events, you first need to track the causes of their emotional crises and from the standpoint of understanding to establish control over them.

Neptune in Sagittarius ( 13 Sa 31 )

Your spiritual quest is focused on the ideal of moral concept. Sometimes you condescends insight – and you realize that, really, only love and beauty will save the world. But understand that the world is imperfect, the perfect way to infinite, and in fact the purpose of each step and each time spoken word that changes the world right now. You have charisma, because intuitively inclined to understand the truth and have the energy to its transmission. You like to travel in search of places that are in tune with your emotional state. Same applies for music. You are musically gifted or have distinct musical preferences, which are a kind of test of your mental state. In a state of deep emotion or emotions manifest your occult abilities. The information comes in the form of signs, through dreams (the position of Neptune in Sagittarius ability to comply with lucid dreaming).

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