MINSK VZLETKA 2013 through the eyes of max and his fans

“Damn. So much I want to write. So many thoughts and emotions. I think it will somehow briefly. Somewhere 8 years ago when I was with my girlfriend saw the cute bus boy, I said something without thinking. someday it will be mine and completely forgot about it, I didn’t know that he would become my husband, and even the more popular artist. But it so happened that fate again and again pushed us! And here we are together. So many things happened, and hunger. And cold. Students. Gap. Clubs. Tusy. And then Minsk-arena. He comes on stage. And I covered the spine. The second track(Tsaliki) and the tears, I REMEMBER how he wrote music. Texts. Believed in myself and I in him. how worried before to show me his new

track, as we had nothing to eat and was only flour, even salt was not. When a lot of walking. Smiled and dreamed. When he Restoral my palms at the bus stop in winter, so I don’t freeze, davsi last tralia. Listened together our favorite songs! The first 100 likes for the Heaven help us..First performances. Then the army (reserve) where he finally stopped Smoking, then altogether stopped drinking alcohol. Only I can’t understand why no one believe. Many believe that it means the person is sick or crazy. Sometimes after reading comments on his page, so I can’t understand why his songs are widely considered meaningless (although every song has a meaning and a little bit of the soul of max). Damn, how I love fans of max, it is a very big support, like our family. I also want to add that I even thought not to be promoted at the expense of her husband’s, not mine, no, I never married him, I married the man she loved and the father of my children. When we began. everything was different. I’m so happy for him that he achieved what he wanted, the concert was powerful..I cried probably every song, because they conceal the real events from the life..don’t Even know whether to be even steeper. than it was yesterday. I proudly repeat, I love you like crazy”

Fan max – Ekaterina Ivanova about the concert:

“13000 thousand people in the hall and almost the whole room stood, it simply unforgettable!

I just can’t even tell you how it was, and****but.

first, just sat. listened to the guys warming up. and then when I Max out, I just loosened up. like drive feel.

my God I screamed so that the voice broke, throat hurts terribly. just an unreal feeling when he is not away from you) to Sleep do not want in my head all these songs. So many people I have not seen anywhere else))) Podium, dance floor just exploded)


Max thank you, you gave a lot of do not forget the awesome moments. I think that this day be remembered by everyone for a long time.

thank you :**

Minsk one love, those who have been there will understand)”

Fan max – Pauline Migas about the concert:

“Amazing runway! Max is brilliant. All very pleasant, though we were sitting very far from the stage! But this is not important, important is the positive that came from him, so to blow up the whole room probably haven’t been told. I’m generally not a fan of concerts, but the concert max Korzh agreed immediately!)) Her friends were preparing for a very long time) was looking forward to. We were afraid only one that got disappointed in his concert, I was afraid I would leave unsatisfied. But this is not so, all very pleasant, we sat in the stands, but that didn’t stop us to have fun, dance, jump and just have a good time) For the entire concert, I never sat down! The voice I had just gone, because we don’t just sing his songs, we were screaming and hollering them :D) Next time be sure to get the tickets to the dance floor! I understand that the cake these comments still will not read it and that it’s all so write, but I write: Thank you so much for the great time, for the positive, for these emotions, feelings, attitude, for the memories, for your awesome songs from which breathtaking)) I Hope this is not the last concert in Minsk))))))))))))”

Fan max – Alena Romanovskaya about the concert:

“Max, thank you for the concert. It was really cool. ))) This day will never forget!)) Andrew bond and Artem Rybakin, well done)) Thank you and dj Selebrium for the separation) It was the best concert in my life, I think everyone will agree with me)) Explosion of emotions, came off in full)) Max, it was obvious what you were trying to please us all and surprise)) you did it, all sincere and good. Looking forward to your next concert in Minsk!!))”

Fan max – Katherine Novick about the concert:

“Concert I liked very much. I’m 100% sure that he liked everything.

So to say this is my first concert of the star. maybe it ISA fact that for the first time. But! I to this day can not get away from these incredible emotions.I don’t come from Minsk.When I arrived in Ivenets I was walking home on the street and sang songs max. When I’m not doing my head spinning moments from the concert. And you experience these moments again. Oh I can do a lot of things to write here, all my emotions did not fit.

Next gig max, I’ll buy the tickets to the fan zone, will arrive one day before the concert and sit under the doors just to be first^^

everything was gorgeous.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this concert.

And bond and Rybakin, surprised with its costumes, such want^^”

Fan max about the concert:

“as said, and Max himself “I want to say, just thank you, really thank you for this wonderful evening, for this unforgettable Vzletka is that Wade and needles, everything inside just turns on his songs, know thought with a friend, 77, every day in the status of the numbers changed, was about how**intentionally represented as let’s go and get fucked, but even then, in my dreams, and could not think that would be soooo cool, we came in and stood near the arena with 12 in the morning immediately made his way to the stage, but then the crush was all screaming, breathing that really had nothing, some just turned around and walked closer to the edge, we survived, though in the end was not quite close to the stage, were a bit upset, Leo once appeared on the scene, Max, all about all about all just forgot, his attitude, smile swallowed up all the problems, we just jumped under each.the song, all the text by heart, screaming to disrupt the vote, and when disrupted, too, screaming, these emotions, it’s just something, this sincerity, aaagh, it’s indescribable, when I left the arena, I just said “how much Max will give concerts in Minsk, so I’ll to go”, and it’s real, it’s really unique and his songs do not like at all, but this is of course a huge plus, almost anything except his songs in the headphones I have not played.

I’m really just delighted with the unreal concert from max and from everything that happened there, and it’s not the emotions and experiences one day.

thank you!world!”

Fan max about the concert:

“He is the youngest artist who was the first and so far only

played at Minsk arena SOLO. moreover, the Belarusian artist.

Many doubted the whether he will collect arena. he collected 13000 thousand people. And loaded them unreal drive. tremendous energy. and unforgettable emotions. which will remain in memory for a very long time.

Many 3-4 hours standing in the queue. for his portion of fun. and much to squeeze onto the dance floor, closer to the stage and stay safe at all unrealistic. moments became even scary, but if we’re getting out of here. such a huge number of people he had gathered.

Breathtaking just warming up. what can we say about Max. and undoubtedly the most spectacular RW. hall learned the first chords of his songs. sometimes guessed. and sang along with him every song.

Remember how the audience was yelling THANK you and well DONE. And Max just stood there and smiled as he was pleased. but as he himself after each song was saying thank you. and didn’t want to leave the stage.

He really is a great man. Huge THANKS to him. Thank you for what he does. For this unreal lead. For his stunning Tessy and songs. ”

Fan max about the concert:

“And I want to share my emotions,or rather what I could get.I too was at the concert, but it was worthwhile. when I was warming up, I was already disconnected from everything, I just enjoyed it Celebrium:)) then when I Max out, I didn’t think this guy is quite simple, I thought that it has the pathos of some sort, he’s still a star, but no, it was not) it was evident that he was worried about himself, it was also evident that he was pleased to see that he was able to collect this, as he himself said,”granadino arena, and it would be another 5 thousand empty seats, I think it would be all booked up))but was negative, I thought, taking the ticket to the dance floor, I might be able to dance, but there was a crush:((because of what I was sick and I was a little more than half of the concert((but at least I saw something!!Max listened to not long ago(June),not just betrayed the values for some reason, I thought that it just “fashionably listen”,and therefore did not go, but yet, when one evening, my friend spun a whole evening of his songs, I literally fell in love immediately).already Tuesday, and I still can’t move away from what I experienced on Saturday, the atmosphere and charge, the awesome music, simple guy from our Belarus is just beyond words. think I’m going to remember to scroll through the moments of the concert.

Thank you all for the charge, and a huge thank you to max, and Celebrium, and Rybakin to bond, they also brought the people)

just a bunch of emotions. not convey all the same all the words, I think everyone will agree with this)”


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