How to behave on a date with a man

If you were able to attract the attention of any men, then the next stage of development of your relationship will be with him the first date.

If to attract his attention main weapon was your appearance and body language, the aim of a first date would be a recognition of the men and the demonstration of yourself, and you need to use your intelligence. A first date can end long novel or so and stay with all the flirting. The main thing is that it had a sequel (unless, of course, when you first meet a man you will not be disappointed). To achieve this you will help the tips given below.

Offers to meet the man, and the time and place of the meeting usually chooses a woman, but she said, whether it is convenient for men. Contrary to popular belief, on a date, the woman should come exactly at the appointed time: late tactless. By this time the man should already be in place.

Many women are very worried before the date. If they really want to make a strong impression on the man, you start to make mistakes, for example, slow to speak, slop the drink on the table, etc. really just need to relax. Before you begin, take a deep breath. Smile as often as possible. Feel free to laugh. Laugh at his jokes, but don’t overdo it: if you will giggle like a schoolgirl all over what you told your partner, it can be annoying. Try to get pleasure from intercourse, and not think about the consequences. Convince yourself that no matter how was your date, this is just a small episode in your life that plays no role.

On a first date to behave modestly, but at the same time to communicate. Need to be moderately funny, cute, sexy and smart. No need to complain and be cranky. The man is unlikely to appeal to the woman who sees everything in black and doesn’t notice the pleasant moments. This is especially true for Dating. The man carefully thought through and planned out the evening, he really wanted to please you, to make you a pleasure to be in his company. He put together a program, which, in his opinion, had you like. Now imagine his feelings when he is your grateful smile hear that the food in the restaurant is bad, service is very slow, it was the worst movie you’ve seen recently, and the woman in the back were chatting so loudly that you missed half. So try to develop a useful habit to think positively, to be able to find positive moments in any situation – Yes, service is slow, but the waiters are very polite and friendly and you really liked this restaurant. Give to feel your partner that you appreciate what he has done for you.

If the first date you are required their appearance, the second one was the ability to carry on a conversation. The communication to be mutually useful and interesting, she was required only three reactions to male speech: sympathy, attention and observation. Almost all men, no matter how confident they may seem, on a subconscious level just crave the approval of women. Try to talk less about yourself and more to listen to the man, showing interest in everything, he says. Include in his speech the remarks of the type “This is interesting” or “I understand you”, insert questions on the topic. Show genuine interest in what the man is proud of his work, Hobbies, achievements. Ask questions to learn more about it. If a man is awkward, it could be a sign that you really like him.

About itself to speak in General terms. Tell us about your work, interests, but don’t reveal it to him on a first date, intimate details of your life. To the question “are You seeing anyone” can be answered “of course, I don’t sit home alone”. Leave him in the dark, then he really wants to know the details next time. When you decide to tell him about something meaningful, I let him decide what he deserves your trust. Although, if a man of few words and you liked it, to cause it to be Frank, it is possible and on a first date to lift the piece itself. Just don’t ask about his friends.

It is useful to look weaker than you really are, do not pretend to be an experienced woman and forget about women’s emancipation. Every normal man wants to seem experienced and to make you the woman he desires.

A man loves to protect and patronise, seeing in this his superiority. So often refer to it for advice. Give him a night a couple of times to show his gallantry, asking him about the services, but do not overdo it, otherwise it can be regarded as your claim to special consideration.

Men love to talk about their achievements and acquisitions, and generally show off. They are not less than women love getting compliments, so it is important to praise them. But compliments should sound sincere, and not to waste them for no reason. A compliment is not a lie but just a slight exaggeration of the merits, or really friendly, said at the time.

To compliment the “worked”, it will not hurt to know the character and habits of the person to whom it is intended. It should be noted precisely the qualities that are traditionally considered masculine. It is very important to determine for yourself, assess what qualities are most important for this particular man. For example, for any man is very important in the assessment of their purchases (cars, for example), professional qualities, intelligence, appearance, strength, good taste, ability to listen, to understand, to communicate, to care and, of course, his sexuality (only about this later). Any man can find something that you enjoy.

Even on the first date need to caress a man. Like accidentally tap under the table his feet, hold for a second his hand and have a drink of wine from his glass, do not miss the opportunity to dance with him, not embarrassed with a smile, look him in the eye.

At the end of the date, the man should escort you to the house (but no further), and you are warmly thank him for the evening. Even if the man you loved, you don’t need to show him that at any moment ready to adjourn and to meet him again. Yes, you would have met with him yet, but soon you are very busy, you have a lot to do, besides, you promised to go with her friends to the cinema (theatre, disco, café. ). Let him know that you like him, but he is not the center of the universe, and you will not devote all of their time throwing their friends and Hobbies. How would you not want to have to dial a phone number or reply to the email message, do not rush to do it. He wonders what you are doing, it will only strengthen his desire to see you again. You can’t be too delay with the next meeting, otherwise a man may shift their focus to another. The gap should be no more than 3-5 days.

Now about sex. A woman, as a rule, enters into an intimate relationship with a man, having ulterior motives (although, perhaps not aware of this report). She wants to make a greater impression, hoping for further development of the relationship or trying to get married. Intimacy, however, is not a guarantor of long-term relationships. The only reason to go to bed with a specific man, if you want it. But in this case it is necessary to wait. Flirt, seductive dress, kiss, but in time to stop before the door to the bedroom. Let him understand that you need to win, more then he will start thinking about you.

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