How to please a man of your dreams

The old truth “In the person all should be fine,” everyone now knows almost from the cradle. And most surprisingly, one of the main components, that draws the attention of the stronger sex when meeting a new lady, was, is and will be the clothes. To meet and make their first impression about a woman always will. Well, knowing this, we women, we go to all sorts of tricks, sometimes spend the money on a fancy suit or “stunning” boots, in the sense of “stunning”, and walk in it, and are ridiculously expensive, but that ought to impress. And here, we will do a happy purchase, and go on a date, being absolutely sure, that now the object of our passion will instantly pay attention to us and will just be

“shocked” our “unearthly beauty”. And the result is often the opposite. But it’s not bad, a negative result also result. Much worse when it turns out like the old joke, when a woman standing before a loved one in the mask, for her question: don’t you notice? He says that, had his eyebrows waxed?

And actually, it’s much easier, just know which zodiac sign is the man of your dreams, and try to dress and behavior to conform to his subconscious requirements.

Well, if you happen to be able to learn from a professional astrologer in map where men were the planet Venus at the time of his birth, often it is in the same sign and the Sun, but not always. If found out, you can be absolutely sure that by following our tips, it’s like a fairy tale, will fall in love with you once and for all. So let’s try to lift the veil over this “terrible” secret.


Aries or Venus in Aries.

These active men like women who can not only “galloping horse”, but also completely owns this sport, as shooting eyes. Your credo should be immutable rule: “I

By itself, solve everything, do everything and being responsible. A first step he wants you and admires your vitality. Sports style in clothes, a minimum of frills and bells and whistles, shoes latest collection “ski” boots or ballet flats, so it was a lot of walking.

Taurus or Venus in Taurus.

These men are great conservatives, and yet they are one of those who like “Rubenesque forms and manifestations of affection and generosity, so if you think you are overweight, do not hide this lack of clothing. In the eyes of a loved one he will be your main advantage. Sexual satisfaction plays in the relationship with him is far not last role. You should not give him cause for jealousy. Classic style in clothing is desirable to withstand not only in styles but also in the quality of the fabric and shoes, what – what, and the cost of things he understands perfectly and is of the view that afford to buy a “cheap” can only millionaires. But to frequently change clothes is not worth it. He’s conservative.

Gemini or Venus in Gemini.

If your friend belongs to this sign, you are very lucky. You can wear whatever you like. Looks almost irrelevant, he values education and interpersonal skills. Baubles in front of him with intelligence – and it is yours. Most of all he needs companionship, spiritual closeness and kinship interests. He’s just very disappointed, if you are “fixated” on clothing. He, unlike many, and “meets” and “escorts” only in the mind.

Cancer or Venus in Cancer.

Representatives of this sign are the most vulnerable and withdrawn. Pretty difficult to “reach out”, as they are more important than internal, not external. But if you prefer a romantic style in clothing, it is more likely to attract their attention. Here will suit and skirt with ruffles, and “flying, flowing dresses or blouses. Well, if you have a little bit and knit, make sure you will have success with these men, especially in winter. In the conversation, by all means say what you do needlework, and show the masterpiece of his skill. Or give him a scarf and mittens.

Leo or Venus in Leo.

He is absolutely sure: “Better than chocolate together than…” But if you pay attention to others – then something in you is there. The clothes should be fashionable, but not “peak”, well, if it will be expensive brands famous designers. Yet he is not indifferent to gold and furs. Remember that the “girls best friend” – Diamonds and… Spin it on the purchase of a ring or bracelet. If he would do such a thing – he is serious. He guided the old world as a rule, the more I have invested in the woman, the more she is dearer to me.

Virgo or Venus in Virgo.

For them it is extremely important neat and tidy, love, thoughts, and linen closet everything must be laid out on shelves. Do not try to invite him home for a Cup of coffee, if you have a flat “easy creative mess”, you lose it forever. They also will forgive you a hundred wrinkles on the face and will never forgive the one in his stocking. Clothing is encouraged simply good style, no frivolous deep necklines or mini – skirts. Newfangled trend, when the straps from the bra out from under garments need to forget once and for all.

Libra or Venus in Libra.

The main requirement of this sign – harmony and sense of proportion. A little crazy, a little bit of charm, secularism, beauty and refinement of manners, optimism and love of life is something that appreciates in ladies this gentleman. Well, if you can not afford to buy, and to order clothes from a tailor or purchase single copies in the homes of the models. He appreciates individuality. Stilettos – this is something without which you can not do, if Libra man of your dreams.

Scorpio or Venus in Scorpio.

Remember that the secret is what’s inside. For the girls, of course underwear. It should be beautiful and even a little mysterious. You can let him know about it, because now it is not considered bad manners when slightly visible bra under blouse or panties under jeans, quite the contrary, says “My fair nanny” glamorous. Shoes open shoes or sandals in the “Greek style” and winter high boots – thigh boots. And the sea of unspent love. and yet, he always has the lungs of a doubt to be jealous. This will allow you to sustain longer relationships at the peak of the senses.

Sagittarius or Venus in Sagittarius.

Well, he loves this man, the clothes were foreign and presentable. I’m afraid that you should not cut off the tag, and Vice versa, “wear the clothes inside out, to show that it is France or Italy. Shoes, preferably high heels, and another very important accessories (bags, scarves, gloves), if you can’t afford to buy expensive skirt or jacket, the purchase of a purse or hairpins do not overwhelm. And favorite will look at you through different eyes. Well, if you often travel abroad or are fluent in a foreign language, the chances dramatically increase.

Capricorn or Venus in Capricorn.

They like the office or classic style. Suits better with a skirt than pants. Shoes also should not be calling, she should be on sustainable small heel and a closed toe. Bare legs are not welcome, even in the heat put on the thin tights. If you can’t do without diversity in color – allow yourself a bright scarf or blouse, it’s you they’ll forgive you. They do not welcome the rapid expression of feelings, especially in humans. But! They have a huge plus, often they monogamous! It is a companion for many years and a loyal friend.

Aquarius or Venus in Aquarius.

Can go on a date in orange pantyhose or in a large hat with a brim and ostrich feathers. Don’t be afraid to buy some newfangled thing that is “off the podium”, he will appreciate the ingenuity of designers. And yet, it is not necessary to pursue high prices, he is indifferent to the original or clever forgery, made hardworking Chinese artisans, the main thing that was not as at all. Shoes too unusual, this can be a tall platform or old sneakers, if only they would fit in with your clothing ensemble. Well, the accessories – it’s just a rampant imagination, from the beads of berries or seashells and ending with old “chains and shackles”. The most important tip – you must be unique and diverse every day, and dramatically different from all the other girls.

Pisces or Venus in Pisces.

This sensual and romantic dandy. It is important for you to be able to dream, often try to create it for any occasion. In dress he is partial to semi-transparent blouses and flying skirts, sun or Eastern style, short shirts and harem pants made of silk or organza. If it’s cold, let you just be thin shawl or a beautiful flowing scarf. But most importantly, it is his acute sense of smell. Find out what scents he likes, and constantly use these spirits. “Especially in the fog”, he correctly recognizes you on a favorite flavor.

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