Budapest love at first sight.

Budapest: love at first sight.

I don’t know why I love Budapest. Perhaps because he was for me the first breath of spring air and good mood after a gloomy winter. Or because Budapest was the first real European city that I saw. Spring 2003 was kind of shy and timid, did not want to come to Donetsk. Kiev escorted us with sleet and strong winds, and Budapest were met by bright sunshine, blooming greenery and spring flowers.

Many times I was then in Budapest, but remember that first week-long trip

with friends: March Budapest, bright smiling town, Tokai solar, delicious cappuccino and… marzipan everywhere – from “marzipan” Parliament and ending with the marzipan Museum in Szentendre.

From Kyiv to Budapest to fly for nothing, a couple of hours. We were met by a guide and from the airport, past the faceless industrial landscapes of the suburbs, we suddenly find ourselves in a fairy tale: in all the beauty of the panorama of Buda, crowned with austere architecture of the bastions and lace palaces. Bridges cut morning rays on subtle patterns. What a beauty! It was love at first sight!

The Hungarian capital is a charming city divided into two halves, Buda and pest), the fastest European river Danube. “Paris on the Danube” is how they call this city, its inhabitants and guests who receive this impression from the first minute of being here. What’s not Paris, if indoor market of Budapest was built by Alexander Eiffel (Yes, the same!). Lovely openwork bridges, hilly Buda and bustling pest and the Danube river, dividing into two parts and the Hungarian capital, Hungary itself – I want to see and remember all at once! But the eye cannot capture the magnificence of Parliament. “Lace”, “marzipan”, “unreal”, “fabulous” – what only epithets would not hear of it. This must be a fairy Palace, if I was an Illustrator of children’s books, I would draw the Budapest Parliament for kings and princesses!

If he was not as handsome, its creators certainly would rebuke in megalomania, because it is the largest building in Hungary – there are over 700 rooms, with an area of about 18 thousand square meters and 3 kilometers some carpet tracks! The Parliament is almost a copy of the London. Lions at the entrance are the symbols of the fact that Hungary was once a Kingdom. And the crown of the Hungarian kings with rickety cross? And as if it is not aligned, it still leans to one side! Night and day at the entrance to the building is only one policeman. I’d like to look at our Parliament, with one policeman! Tourists can visit the Parliament on a daily basis!

More fall evening in the city, especially after an evening tour on an elegant glass boat with a glass of champagne in hand.

Boats bearing the names of all Hungarian saints, swaying on the Danube waves, and Budapest at night looks even more fantastic, almost unreal, the backlight makes it even more spectacular silhouettes of buildings. Parliament and the Royal Palace hovering above the river, each in its Bank, but the United famous Budapest bridges.

The boat is approaching the shore with the last chords of Strauss waltzes and the last SIP of champagne. But sleep is something you do not want! And we’re going to wander around Budapest.

The andrássy street, the most elegant in pest. We were told by the guide that when Budapest was part of the Austrian Empire, many of the nobles, or just wealthy citizens were building exact copies of their Vienna mansions, and, waking, sometimes could not immediately remember what city they are! On this street are almost all embassies, as well as the most expensive shops and theatres. Next to the Opera house is a fun cafe called “Bel Canto”, which entice the audience singing waiters. They are operatic voices announce the menu and take orders. They say the real singers, visiting the school, sometimes the waiters sing along.

Budapest, like any city of the world, it is better to see once “alive”. No photo, or someone’s stories not transmit, for example, the beauty of the Fisherman’s Bastion is a unique architectural construction of seven towers, each represents one of United in the Hungarian state tribes.

It is from the site of Fisherman’s Bastion offers the most wonderful views of the city on the other side of the Danube river: the bridges, the Parliament building, St. Stephen’s Basilica, a Gothic Church. No modern skyscrapers in the city: build buildings above 96 meters (the height of the Parliament) is prohibited.

But on the Central square, Fisherman’s Bastion I was struck by a small bronze layout of the square with its Gothic architecture and monuments. Seems to be an ordinary layout. But it is made specially for the blind. Those who may come to this area, but to see the beauty around you will not be able — even hands will touch. And read all about Fisherman’s Bastion — right there lyrics, made in Braille. Note that the houses of Parliament, the castle district and gellért hill in Buda, the parish Church in pest, and 9 bridges connecting the banks of the Danube, is considered by UNESCO cultural heritage of mankind.

We arrived in Budapest in the days of the famous Budapest spring festival. The city sang, in my opinion, all! On the Vaci utca (Vaci street), which is the heart of the city, and representing a mixture of Arbat Moscow, Kievskaya St. Andrew’s descent and Montenapoleone in Milan, was the festival of folk arts. On vörösmarty square where the street begins, held a parade of brass bands, was defeated fair of folk crafts, everywhere smelled of fried sausages, donuts, river pouring wine! This too added sensations of the holiday, spring, joyous mood. Hungarian music is special, too, remember the “Czardas”: steppe, running horses, violin – Hungarian soul is akin to the freedom-loving Gypsy… Feet danced to the beat of the music, and the spectators do not stand up, start dancing next to the artists! Return to the hotel after midnight…

Week in Budapest flies as one day, but, surprisingly, despite the very tight schedule with early rises and late “rebound”, long walks and lots of piled up information, it does not feel broken. What’s the secret? Perhaps the three main advantages of Budapest – delicious food, Golden Tokay and stunning mineral springs!

After all, Budapest is not only administrative, political, economic and cultural center of Hungary, but also the only European capital that has a status of a resort city”. He grew up on the spot based Aquincum by the Romans (which means “abundant water”, because on its territory there are more than 120 warm springs and hot mineral water).

When we arrived in Budapest with her husband, or rather he was in Hungary on a business trip (by the way, Budapest he does not like, because all of his numerous visits there were for work, and are associated with constant “razgrebaniem” blockages ), and I visited him to celebrate his “intermediate” anniversary, we lived in a hotel on the island of Margit – Danubius Thermal hotel Margitsziget, in the middle of the Danube. To the credit of Budapesta, the island that is associated with the name of the daughter of king Bela Margaret, lived a nun here all his short life, has been preserved as a nature, and each morning to the birds singing we walked through the Park, which surrounded the island, and each evening we relaxed in the pools of the hotel. Hot and cold, with massage jets or in the form of an icy mountain stream, the bottom of which is sent with stones, a large pool and lots of baths… Want to try at least to plunge into everything, but after 10 minutes, sitting in the Jacuzzi with thermal water, understand that leave has neither the power nor the desire.

And the first time we lived with friends in a small hotel “Liget”, next to the city Park, and every morning woke up to a trumpet hymn elephants, playful monkeys screaming, a cacophony of songs of exotic birds – literally across the street was located the Budapest zoo, the oldest in Europe. We even half a day once dedicated to him, fed giraffes with hands, watched a funny gorillas, admired tigers and lions.

Next were the széchenyi bath is the most famous — and largest in Europe. The water in the outdoor pools comes from two mineral hot springs with a temperature of 74 °C and 77 °C. Are, in the street +13, and splashing in the pools people! We were told that during the Second world war, the pool saved the life of a Hippo from the zoo, giving the entire stock of disposable Slippers from Nile papyrus. Now in the Budapest zoo almost every year is born the descendant of the Hippo. Say thanks to the amazing action of thermal water, which filled and the Hippo pool. Here’s to you and the advertising of infertility treatment! And not only the hippos!

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