About project S. E. C. S

What is S. E. S. – a System of Natural Seduction Comfortable.

To understand the essence of my method, we explain it by words.

If you want to succeed, you need to act systematically, i.e. regular and effective programme. If you’re just reading pikaperskih books, forums, LiveJournal and watch instructional video, then you’re not evolving, it’s an illusion and self-deception: “Well, I’m doing something. Here’s a little book I read, soon I will begin to give a girl?”.

Development only happens when you ass up off the chair and take real action, agreeing to the training regularly or practicing independently. But

even if you once a week, or even less, you come out of popolarity without a clear purpose, with the knowledge and programme of action, so you can develop years and reach a very low level.

I declare that in order to learn how to seduce girls at your level, just a few weeks of regular training, and to learn how to seduce the very best girls to arrange group sex with two girls and become a master of seduction, just a few months of regular practice, it does not require years of self-development.

Besides the fact that you need to have high quality knowledge, knowledge should be systematized. Unfortunately, now among Russian schools, educational seduction, there is such situation: Those schools which provide structured knowledge, provide useful techniques mixed with ineffective delusional techniques from NLP, even if the word “efficiency” is in the title of their project. And the coach who I respect, and which provide the knowledge, conduct their trainings as a cautionary conversation, a heaping mountains on the disciples of useful information that has not been systematized. Such trainings can be useful only to experienced seducers, who already have a scheme of action and framework of systematic knowledge on which they build up new techniques. But aspiring seducers simply not learned half of the material, which they have been taught, and the remaining unstructured half don’t know what to do in practice.

In my trainings I have avoided mistakes of my predecessors. I teach only the most modern and effective techniques of seduction on a structured program. Going with my training, the disciples have in mind a clear step-by-step in every time know how to take the next step along the shortest path to sex with a girl.


What could be more natural than sex between a man and a woman? In a person already has a powerful mechanism of sexual selection laid down by evolution millions of years ago. This powerful mechanism and it is necessary to influence. Men are always drawn to beautiful women, and beautiful women always chose the more successful men.

To become a good seducer, you don’t need to be a master of NLP, to be able to direct trances, set anchors and screw in the brain girls triple helix of Milton Erickson. These techniques initially ineffective, and that they somehow worked, they need to practice for years. At best, they can only be used as auxiliary methods. In addition, now, after the release of movies and programs about the truck, once the largest school pickup were teaching the same program more than 60,000 students, each of which zadrazil a lot of girls these crazy techniques, these standard templates already knows almost every girl. And if not from a strange boy who told her metaphor about how little hamster crept into the narrow wet pussy, popular books on psychology for women, and almost every girl has read at least one such book or something heard from her friends.

I teach guys powerful modern and natural methods of seduction. Correctly using my techniques, you will never hear from the girl revealing phrase: “yeah, I know, you’re a pickup artist!”. Girl having sex with my students in the first place because of what they are thinking and what personality they have developed during the training and not due to the fact that their Boyfriends have cheated, screwed or hypnotized. I think you’ll be happy that you girls wanted because of who you are, or what you’ve become, not because of how you learned to cheat them. After all, seducing deceptive techniques guy does not feel satisfied, because he knows who he really is, and the girls soon learn his true identity and want to continue the relationship with him.

Of course, 100% comfort I’m not a promise. You can’t learn to seduce girls sitting on my ass. In order to develop, need to leave your comfort zone. Come out gradually, but regularly, step by step, each time more and more to expand your comfort zone.

And not, as do some training when given the art style to Seduce any at any price!”. Then the guys begin to seduce second-grade girls to receive credit. During the training, spend sleepless nights, slaas to clubs, start school, leave your job. And what sort of development? This degradation! Still at this rate it is impossible to live long. And after such training inevitably should be rolled back, when the guys roll around on the same level that they had before the training.

So I don’t give guys a job where they would break about yourself knee. After all, fighting with yourself, you always lose. I give the guys effective tools with which they seduce those girls who like them actually achieve their goals, whether it’s sex for one night with different girls or a serious relationship with a decent girl.

After training the seduction becomes a comfortable process enjoyable. For good reason in the West called seduction game. This is a must have game for fun, and not hard exhausting work worried spermatocytic.

Oddly enough, but at the training session I teach guys exactly the seducing girls. =)

I don’t teach them to collect signatures, to talk about Elvis, sing songs in the subway handing out hamburgers, to play an inflated condom volleyball, fuck prostitutes, scream “Fuck” in public places, immediately grabbing strangers girls butt and Boobs and the other nonsense taught my competitors.

If you want to look like an idiot in the eyes of the girls and the people around them, write me and I will advise the school of its competitors, where you sickly for the price they are not writing on their websites and they don’t talk on the phone and called only at the interview will make a first-class jester or clown, perhaps even learn to perform magic for a fee. =)

My competitors barter, I’m all messages sent to them, and normal guys very often, unfortunately, initially having inadequate training and spending a lot of money, then come to me for retraining.

I teach guys it is seduction, and all the exercises of my trainings aimed at seducing girls. Seduction implies a slight acquaintance, pleasant communication, fast seduction for sex and, if desired, building relationships with those girls who actually like you.

So, to recap:

System – Quality modern techniques, structured training, a clear step by step instructions leading to sex.

Natural – powerful Impact on the mechanisms inherent in girls nature. Do they give you for what you’ve become, not because of what he learned to cheat girls.

Comfort – Seduction without a fight, in the state of the game, at your pleasure. Without violence on themselves and kickbacks.

Seduction – You’re doing it seduction, not some bullshit, which by and large has nothing to seduction.

These four balanced elements cause you to have sex with beautiful girls.

Have identity: S. E. K. s = sex.

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