3 weeks pregnant

3 weeks pregnant

A week after conception the fertilized egg is constantly divided, forming a blastocyst, a ball of about a hundred cells.

Once the sperm head undergoes the shell of an egg, the egg is fertilized. The egg and sperm each contain half of the genetic information; these two halves together form a single whole, which subsequently will become your child.

After fertilization, the egg begins the process of fission: one cell splits into two, then four, then eight, etc.

At the same time the fertilized egg due to the contractions of the muscles of the pipe and the movements of the cilia of the ciliated epithelium of the pipe moves through the fallopian tube to the uterus.

Your little one

After approximately 7 days after fertilization the ovum takes the form of a ball of approximately one hundred cells called blastocyst. Its diameter is only 0.15 mm; blastocyst barely visible to the naked eye.

About this time the egg reaches the uterus, where implantation occurs (dip) baby in the lining (endometrium). In place of attachment of the blastocyst to the uterus begins to form the placenta, through which the mother’s blood to the baby receives oxygen and nutrients; through it from the baby’s blood are derived carbon dioxide and metabolic products.

From the moment of implantation of the blastocyst to the uterine wall and begins this exchange between mother and child: human chorionic gonadotropin released from the developing placenta, goes directly into the mother’s blood, stimulating hormonal activity necessary to maintain pregnancy. It is at this stage some women start experiencing early pregnancy symptoms, and in the urine to determine the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin.

Risk factors in early pregnancy

Physical activity

In the first few weeks, when the fertilized egg has just plunged into the lining of the uterus, the risk of rejection from the wall of the uterus that provides nourishment of the baby.

To give the embryo a safer option to attach, you need to avoid such activities, which utilise the muscles of the abdomen, — heavy lifting and excessive vigorous exercise.

Undoubtedly, your health and physical fitness are important, but to establish a regime of physical exercises should before pregnancy; should not rush to the gym, just learning about it. Sudden changes in lifestyle can harm the embryo.


In the first three months of pregnancy the cells of the baby begin to form in the limbs and skeleton, vital organs and nervous system of unborn baby.

All these changes make your baby very sensitive to chemical changes occurring in the mother’s blood under the influence of medications or drugs. Certain medications taken during pregnancy may impair fetal development. Before the doctor can prescribe you any medication, let him know about her pregnancy.

Before taking the medicine, read the instructions carefully. It also concerns the means of alternative medicine, because even they can contain harmful for the baby substances.

If a pregnant woman consumes alcoholic beverages, from her bloodstream through the placenta they get into the baby’s blood. This could have serious negative consequences. Alcohol abuse, especially in early pregnancy, can cause different deformities of the fetus and low body weight of the newborn. In severe cases, threatens the child’s life.

Traditionally, doctors recommend that pregnant women abstain from alcohol during pregnancy. For many, this poses no difficulty, because they have lost all desire to drink alcohol, especially in the first weeks.

Recent studies have proven that moderate drinking — no more than one glass of wine, or about a quarter of a liter of beer a day is not harmful to the child.

Some even argue that this indirectly brings the child benefit: if night is the mother drinks a glass of wine and finds that it helps her to relax, physiological changes associated with a relaxed state of the mother, would be beneficial for the child. However, we should not for a moment forget about the fact that alcohol is a drug and, therefore, may adversely affect the baby’s health: moderation is the key word.

If a woman smokes during pregnancy, the nicotine from her blood enters the bloodstream of the baby. In Smoking pregnant there are more frequent cases of bleeding and miscarriage; children who are born from such mothers, as a rule, have low body weight, less developed and more prone to respiratory diseases than children in Nonsmoking women.

Moreover, Smoking is directly associated with a higher likelihood of sudden infant death syndrome.

Smoking causes the child great harm, both before and after birth. It causes deterioration in physical form, and as a result, the mother’s body carries an additional burden. If you smoke, use the pregnancy as a powerful incentive to abandon this harmful habit. To do this, of course, is not easy, so you will need the help and support of the child’s father, your friends and loved ones, as well as the doctor. He may be able to offer effective techniques “weaning” from cigarettes.

Some products are a potential source of bacteria and can cause harm to your child. Even if you are used to these products and consider that the body can easily cope with them, pregnancy can be compromised.

Should be completely excluded from the diet liver pâtés and soft cheeses (goat and sheep). They contain the bacteria Listeria, which increases the risk of miscarriage or birth of a dead fetus.

Make sure that the food was carefully prepared and served fresh. Pay special attention to eggs and meat, as these products may contain dangerous bacteria. Consume only pasteurized milk and fruit and vegetables before eating, wash.

Many doctors advise pregnant women to refrain from using the liver and products from it, but in this case also, the rule of moderation.

The liver is a rich source of several nutrients, including iron and vitamin a, which is so needed for you and your baby. However, excessive amounts of vitamin A is harmful. It is called fat-soluble vitamin and the body is quite difficult to withdraw the excess fat-soluble vitamins.

If you consume too much of the liver, your blood may accumulate hazardous to health the amount of vitamin A. If you refuse to take the liver, deprive themselves of an important source of iron (it is extremely important for a healthy pregnancy, so many women have to take special supplements).

X-rays and tanning salon

X-ray and other examinations based on the use of radiation, can cause serious harm to your baby.

If you had to pass these tests before you got pregnant, consult your physician. He can order an ultrasound to find out, whether caused harm. If the need for this survey occurs during pregnancy, be sure to tell the doctor about your condition. X-rays are used not only doctors, but also dentists and even veterinarians. If your pet needs an x-ray, tell the vet that you’re pregnant, and he asks his assistant to hold your animal.

Sunroom and they radiated ultraviolet rays can also damage to the child. Until about the possible consequences for the baby delivers a concentrated dose of ultraviolet light very little is known, but the harmful effects on the baby can have the temperature of the Solarium. Therefore during pregnancy from tanning beds is best abandoned.

Your health

The first few weeks some women may experience early pregnancy symptoms — fatigue, nausea, tingling or heaviness in the chest. When you realize that you are pregnant, you may be overwhelmed by the wave of joy and excitement.

However, some women, especially those who tried to conceive for several months and for whom pregnancy is very important, can, on the contrary, to feel insecure. Pregnancy, as a rule, is the most serious physical and emotional challenge in a woman’s life, and she can easily unsettle.

The birth of a child is going to fundamentally change your life, therefore it is not surprising that you learned about the pregnancy, very worried and do not jump to the ceiling with happiness.

But nature here and thought of everything: you have nine months to get used to the idea and prepare for the upcoming changes!

An example of life.

It seems that this happens during sleep. It was two days before I found the strength to talk about it to your partner.

We tried for six months, but that all changed in an instant. Only that I was nothing — and here I stand with the test and understand that now in my life everything will change. It took me some time, so I was able to digest what happened.

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