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The art of seduction . What is this ability that will make any girl, woman, possession of this art, mistress of men? The woman who has the art of seduction men, always

interesting. no matter what age she was.

And if You want to become the Queen of Your men, the first thing You should do is : get rid of prejudices and stiffness!

And as always at the end of the article, You can view specially selected video for You on the art of seduction .

The art of seduction – the principles and rules

In women who have mastered the art of seduction, always languid look . you can even say with a twinkle, (look at yourself in the mirror, and remember myself like this). Any awkward gestures, throwing glances at the men, this is and will be the first impetus to the seduction of men.

And I think that it is not worth staying because

any woman knows it and has used such techniques.

It is very important to attract a man, it’s how You look. Visual stimulation plays a very important role in the initiation of any men. Again the taste and color of comrades there, but You should always look elegant and sexy, whether You’re at home, or go to work.

If You dress very provocatively and vulgar, then You will be hard to find

a decent man, and if You already have one, then of course this robe, if he likes, You only inflame his desires.

All individually.

But this article is not about how to find it, and how to make Your man You always wanted, like the first time, how to become a skilled seductress.

What you see men, arouses men’s fantasies, in consequence of which he analyzes and compares. For all men of great importance that he sees . the same handkerchief on the neck, clothes, linens, and even Your mirror. all this can attract more strangers to You Man.

Therefore, the rule that should know every girl and woman is always to look well – groomed. neat and with a twist of sexuality.

And even if You just went to take out the trash . remember that You can at any time to meet your destiny.

And when You take this for a rule, You’ll always be the woman who likes all men, let this new man in Your life, or just a passerby, or Your favorite man.

Be the underwear with care, correctly pick jewelry, this seemingly simple little things, but very important.

There are opinions that the art of seduction, will own only the girls of easy virtue. But I do not agree with this. And not only girls. but any woman, should be a skilled seductress, and know all the secrets of seduction . because it is harder still to like years than to conquer the hearts of men in just one hour.

House You in an easy and clean her robe, will always arouse erotic feelings. When You undress, this show should be enjoyable both for You and for your partner.

And assuming that You don’t love your body, and always hiding in the shadows, look in the reflection in the mirror, play with them, imagine that You are a prostitute, and fantasize.

I know that You will succeed, because inside each of us there is everything to be a skilled seductress.

If You’ve never played with Your partner in the game of seduction and seduction, now is the time to do it. Sexual relations always need variety . For example, You can play Striptease with her lover.

Start to undress Your man, but not in the usual way, and exposing different parts of his body. you don’t get undressed. For the acuity of sensation, can wear gloves on their hands, they emphasize his helplessness in front of You. You can allow him to make You some thing, if your partner wants You to undress, do not let him to do it.

Can undress completely, and can leave it kind of thing, You decide… Play with his body as you want. can sit, lie on him, gently wriggling his body, it all depends on the flight of Your fantasy.

And a mandatory rule in this game . it’s time to go, when You will see that the arousal of Your partner now… but definitely promising to continue…

Suddenly the truth? After all, we are accustomed that after that these games should always be the crazy sex, but the fact of the matter is that used… but the habit is uh, not as well in Your love life.

What would not exist relationship between men and women, all there are some habits, and especially with respect to sexual relations.

And all from year to year, to make love without feeling fervent passions. but with consistent habit of sex. And sometimes it is. psychological obstacle.

You don’t feel loved, You’re pinned down, You have sexual problems, You don’t love yourself, and don’t feel pleasure from touching, and just because you love a man, and how well-established pattern.

But my dear! Unless we live for each day was the same gray as the previous one? Of course not! Each must be happy every day, each needs to have fun when she wants it! And each deserves most vivid and unforgettable orgasms.

And so from all this unnecessary stuff to get rid of, offer expansion techniques for Your sexual possibilities.

The art of seduction is disclosed potentials

Unleash your sexual performance . the wealth which many do not even know and do not suspect that there are many different ways and possibilities. Don’t be afraid to experiment and work on yourself.

The art of seduction-learn how to feel

Touching and stroking yourself or partner, it is always a pleasant experience for You.

And to understand what You just nicer and feel their femininity, to do this, first take a bath, panites in hot water or foam or oils as you like, can include a pleasant light music(light music if you have no

just turn on the radio on my site, there is always a light and charming music).

Close your eyes and breathe deeply until you feel goosebumps on the skin of Your body. Lightly Pat yourself on all parts of the body, don’t skip any, remember all the feelings.

After bathing, apply on your body fragrant lotion or cream and gently RUB it into Your skin, do better in front of a mirror, look at yourself, enjoy yourself. Examine each centimetric his body.

Learn to feel relaxed . don’t feel guilt and shame. Get an orgasm when You want it, partner with You or with him tete-a-tete.

In this there is nothing to be ashamed of. Is enjoying oneself, and hence the enjoyment of life.

Do not be afraid to surrender to the fantasy, try to broaden their immensity, make interesting ideas and images.

When You and your partner will be very useful if Your fantasies, You are together with her man, will be to articulate and apply, of course optional. Frankly we should talk about what You want and what You want, and if something or other. You or Your partner don’t like, just give up on this, and all, nothing offensive in this.

Always need to openly and honestly talk with your partner, then You’ll always say so «in tune».

The art of seduction – pleasure for You

Simple visual spectacle, naked bodies of partners, oral sex and just joint affection . All this is interesting ,as something new or even to have fun, and will help to make Your sexual relationship a normal and gray .

And You. notice that a sexual relationship without intimacy, reveal unprecedented prospects for mutual and sensual feelings and genuine intimacy.

Be creative! And if You’ve already studied. how » his 5 fingers» continue to seek new and previously unknown possibilities of sexual pleasure.

Observe yourself. You can make love in front of a mirror, or shoot everything in camera, or you can just record Your vote during the next, and then watch or listen to together. Every day, tell your partner what you like in it, and be sure to tell yourself that you like yourself.

Be active! Try to bring novelty, apply new positions, and without hesitation learn to masturbate. Take a joint shower, bath, massage, draw on body, play with vibrator, have dinner in bed,or read together erotic stories.

And remember that in a happy relationship, there are no taboos, shame and stiffness.

Try to show love without sexual contact. Write notes, love letters in the mail, leave attentions, send photos intriguing, tell me about Your sexiest desires. And even just to get reacquainted.

The mass of options, the main thing is Your desire to make Your relationship more strong and bright.

After all, one life, why spend it in an empty and in search of novelty somewhere, if this can be You.

And most importantly! The many prejudices!

If You make at least small steps, to get rid of complexes, shame and stiffness, then You defeat yourself, and then You can easily begin to apply the techniques of the art of seduction and seduction.

Even more on this topic, read here, here reveals all the hidden secrets and mysteries ,and happy sexual life.

To enjoy watching videos online»Women: the art of seduction», at any time convenient for You, for free and online on our website.

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