How to check a man of loyalty.

How to check a man for loyalty

Despite mutual feelings and love, after some time most women begin to appear doubts about the loyalty of elected representatives. Someone intuitively feels that the relationship is something subtly changed, someone just listening to sad stories about infidelity, and someone had already faced with such an unpleasant and painful situation and project it on the current relation. But that was not the cause of such thoughts and doubts, you need to get rid of them, not to destroy your mind with unnecessary agony. If these thoughts don’t just disappear and come back again and again, then it’s time to see the man she loved allegiance. The only way you will be able to live in peace, despite the fact that the

consequences of this test. If you love and respect yourself, even treason will not be able to break you and stop to live. In the same case, if a man will set him a test, too, you will see that apart from him you don’t need anyone else. But remember, everything should be organized so that it is in the case of the innocence’t know about it, either immediately prepare ye the words of apology that will soften his righteous indignation.

4 ways to check a man for loyalty

Use the help of the world wide web. First, create a social network where registered your man, a new account. Select a photo of a beautiful girl who can please him, and make it home. Go to their profile page and get to know. Chat with him, ask how he refers to the betrayals, loyal to his girlfriend. Offer to meet. Communicating on the Internet, you can learn a lot about a man and right it or do not mind to meet another beautiful girl.

If for some reason the check in the virtual space does not suit you, use bait. Ask for help to a beautiful aspiring actress, even better student of the faculty of acting. Ask her to meet you with your man and try to force him to meet face-to-face or at least exchange phone numbers. But he must not be familiar with it. Can enjoy using a familiar, but it is better not to do it. We be sure that he is loyal to you or not, ask the girl to use the recorder.

The last two methods are the simplest ones. While the man is resting in the bathroom or examine his phone, the call log or SMS messages. This method, though dishonest, but sometimes necessary.

Also use the computer if it is not locked, or you know the password. View the history of visited sites to see what information or who your man pays the most attention.

The outward signs of male infidelity

The beginning of family life is the harmony, idyll and understanding. But after a few years your relationship has changed beyond recognition. Husband increasingly unhappy or pensive, spends less time with you, not trying to argue once again niggles or Vice versa for any reason. Maybe all remained as before, but you feel that his attitude towards you has changed. Not to torture yourself and not worry, get yourself together and calm look to beloved husband more closely. Giving up food that you prepared, is one of the signs, which demonstrates treason. That you were not offered to him, he refuses dinner, Recalling the pain in the stomach, or that is not hungry. My husband, who is cheating on his wife, and behavior changes at home. He becomes overly pensive, too unhelpful in dealing with family and domestic issues that constantly refers to fatigue. If you talk to him, he turns away, and when trying to ask his opinion, is silent. Such an abrupt change is usually caused by the fact that the man himself grieved the fact of betrayal.

Regular meetings after work, overtime, absence at work in your spare time, can all be caused by the appearance in his life of another woman. But do not immediately lash out at him with reproaches, maybe he wants to make you a surprise, trying to earn more money. Look for other signs that might say about his infidelity. When the husband is constantly changing, time to change a hair style, and you learn about it the last because he even asks, do you like the change in his appearance, remember, it’s time to change something in your relationship, otherwise they may soon come to an end. But do not try to draw conclusions only on one basis, you can easily make mistakes, and to establish soured by distrust relationships much more difficult.

How to understand whether a change man

The tendency to polygamy, you can determine if to follow the behavior of men in a public place. When you are together on the street or at a party, take a look, does the man on other women or completely overwhelmed you. What look he looks at them: attentive, respectful and interested, as if assessing. The style of clothing that prefers a man, too, can say about the male tendency to change. If the clothes are too tight and narrow, so he wants to draw attention to themselves. Also about the possibility of infidelity testify flirting, playful smile and overly cheeky behavior when communicating with other women.

To get the answer to the question – whether inclined your man to change, ask him a direct question and will look to his gestures. Body language will give an accurate answer to your question, because if a person can lie, change gestures will not be able. So you ask: “How do you feel about loyalty?”, but do it at a time when the husband is not ready for it. Pay attention to his tone, speech and gestures that he uses during the answer to your question. If answering that allegiance to him is not an empty sound, his voice is not audible resentment, anger, bitterness, he doesn’t look away, rubbing the tip of his nose, crossing his arms on his chest, and his body does not deviate from you aside and not stressful, so he’s loyal to you.

How to check on the loyalty of the guy

Sometimes the behavior of a young person is doubtful that he is actually in love with and faithful to his beloved. If you don’t want to be in a situation where will be deceived and disappointed, then try to check whether you. But before that, think it might, you will be able to torment you cope with doubts and just enjoy the relationship, but if not, proceed.

If a guy offered to spend the evening together, refer to strong employment today. Don’t need to talk about the specific reasons, just say that you can’t meet. In saying this, listen, you can hear in his voice regretful. After 2 h call him and tell him that I was able to free himself and whether he is ready to meet. If something came up that prevents encounter, perhaps he decided to meet with someone else.

Ask to see his phone, but do not be offended if he refused. But to think that he can hide there, time does not permit it to take.

Today, if you do not meet, call him. A guy who is not in love, I’ll hurry to end the conversation, but love the enthusiasm will continue communicating, postponing the case.

Can some time not to answer his calls. Let’s see what he will do: persistently phoning you, girlfriends, parents, or making a few phone calls, stop calling.

Make an unexpected move and come to him in the University or to work. The guy who is in love, will immediately begin to acquaint you with colleagues and friends, and whoever will samudaya faster and try to send home.

Ask him to meet my family, if a guy treats you seriously, he was happy to agree.

Tell them that you will be very pleased if he would put on screensaver phone your photo.

But before to choose the manner by which easier for you to just check the man she loved, think again, are you ready to learn the truth. Is it worth risking the relationship for an unknown result. Imagine that you found out about the infidelity of the man she loved, and think whether you are ready to give up or to forgive him. But if he is innocent, but knows about the test, how to react. It may happen so that you have something misunderstood and try to convict of treason. Will survive if your relationship is such mistrust, whether he will forgive and will also be as before or not. Not necessary to check a man for loyalty, if you don’t want to part with it, better enjoy what you have together. Try to become for him the one that doesn’t want to change, don’t want to leave.


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