Essay by author Ostrovsky A. N. People with a warm heart (plays by A. N. Ostrovsky)

«People with a warm heart (plays by A. N. Ostrovsky)»


Victims of predators in the plays of Alexander Ostrovsky are divided into two groups: submissive and rebellious. The former include, for example, Kupavina and Listev from the play “Wolves and sheep”. Playwright not show them any sympathy. They are accustomed to a parasitic way of life, their moral death a foregone conclusion.

The role of the playwright on the side of those who oppose despotism and

cynicism, deceit and violation of human dignity. Along with protesters follows Catherine from the play “the Storm” Ostrovsky created a whole gallery of characters, wherein a warm heart, sincere beauty. This is primarily Larissa Oudalov from the drama “bride”. It is richly endowed by nature, talented, smart, sober view of life, clearly understands the hopelessness of his situation, has a sensitive and tender heart. Loving the Ideas for the “breadth of mind”, Larissa undividedly given his feelings. She says “Sergei Sergeevich. It’s ideal man. You understand what the ideal? Maybe I’m wrong, I’m still young, do not know people, but that opinion changed when I can’t, it will die with me.” These words of the heroine deserve respect for the sincerity and intensity of feeling. Not the fault of Larissa, and the trouble her that the love object she chose a Hat, and did she have a choice? With her education only Sergey and could become a “hero of her novel”.

Learning about a sneaky cheating Asks, Larissa doesn’t want to live in this world, dominated by falsehood and greed, so the Last shot she perceives as a deliverance from this terrible life.

Katerina and Larissa spontaneously rise up against the custom and usage prevailing in the exploitative society, they don’t understand the laws of this world. Ostrovsky showed and conscious of the struggle against the existing anti-human orders. It’s not revolutionary, but they are waging an ideological struggle against the predators and exploiters. It’s official the Jades from “kiss me”, the teacher Ivanov from “a strange feast hangover”.

The jades denies the theft and bribery, bribery and sycophancy. He exclaims indignantly: “How can I be silent when at every step you see the abomination?” He doesn’t want to live among all this “dirt” that is flourishing in the bureaucratic environment. I strive to live honestly. “We begin to live honestly, in a new way. “he says to his bride,” you still don’t know high of bliss to live with their work.” But all that can oppose this cruel society hero, is his honesty. This is too weak a weapon against predators. And life broke Zhadova, he is forced to admit: “I’m no hero, I am an ordinary, weak man.” Dad dancing from the play “Talents and admirers” — people of the new formation, the intellectual and plebeian. It is not enough to be honest, he wants to benefit society: “the trick I’m going to do until the end. And if I stop learning, you stop believing in the ability to improve people or cowards plunge into inaction and wag his hand at all, then buy me a gun, say thank you”.

Ostrovsky considered drama as an effective means of struggle for humanistic ideals, for the beauty of human relationships. A big and sincere human soul, sharply protesting against the vulgarity and lies, are the artists of the Latter from the play “the Forest”, NARS “Talents and admirers”, and Kruchinina Neznamov of “guilty Without guilt”.

These were the ideals of the playwright; their approval, the triumph of truth he devoted his life.

Alexander Nikolayevich Ostrovsky — a great playwright, has created for many years the repertoire of the theatres. Born in Zamoskvorechie, Ostrovsky knows the life and customs of the merchants and explores the different characters of this circle in his work. His plays are heavily populated by merchants and clerks, their children and wives. Playwright interested in any detail, starting from the description of the costume and house furnishings, to the individuality of each character.

Ostrovsky explores characters: merchant Boliove and the clerk reply he received from the play ” — we’ll settle it!”, Hat and Mirror from “Bride”, Tikhon and Wild from “the Storm”. All of them are United by greed, the desire to gain wealth and power, they are ready to sell the soul to the devil. About others and even the ones they don’t care about Xia, so there is in this circle of true love and affections. Daughter betrays Valitova planted into debt. Preparations, despite sincere and faithful love Larissa, “marrying money” by selling their freedom for a higher price. Tikhon runs from the tyranny of the mother, leaving the defenseless young wife in this Kingdom of darkness. There are no high notions of nobility and honor, conscience and commitment. But a very well developed sense of greed and gain, so the best Heroes Ostrovsky seek an escape from the darkness bright road to freedom. For Catherine, no matter how strange, this is the maelstrom, for Larissa — marriage.

Gentle, defenceless Katerina, once in the family Kabanovich, feels like prison. Remembering his parents and the house, Katerina understands that a forever-lost the feeling of freedom and happiness by getting married to Tikhon, once in this environment. She would like to become a bird, flying wherever they want: “Why don’t people fly. Why don’t people fly like birds? You know, I sometimes think that I’m a bird. When you stand on the mountain, so you want to fly. Has run up, raised his hands and flew away, ” she says Barbara, sister Tikhon, what I was frisky! And you have quite withered. “The harsh reality returns heroine in the world kabanovich and wild. Here you need to lie, secretly to do what I want, externally observing the rules of propriety. Barbara, who grew up in the house, has learned this wisdom. Katerina also sickened by this behavior. Falling in love with Boris, she doesn’t want to hide his feelings.

Katerina is a very peculiar character: she is a God fearing and rebellious at the same time. In the storm she sees the warning of God and all people repent. Tikhon sorry Katherine, but afraid of the mother. Boris is completely dependent on Wild, therefore no control over their destiny. All the rejection, she sees only one way out — the maelstrom. For her, this is not a suicide, but relief from the hardships of life, hopelessness.

A completely different heroine of the play “the bride”. Larissa educated, cultured, thinking the girl. It inhibits poverty and prinizhennost position. Larissa does not accept a world in which she lives. She just wants to escape from there. Larissa realizes that her mother wants to sell her to the highest bidder. Love in the age of love the gloss, Larissa sees insignificance and pettiness of his nature. Having lost hope for happiness with Sergey Sergeyevich, Larissa is ready to marry any who would lead her out of the house, similar to the fair.

None of this has anything she doesn’t love, not even respect, but hoping for it. But in this world there is no nobility. Larissa soon realized this. “I thing,” say it Karandashev. Realizing this, Larissa wants to sell themselves. The heroine overcome internal contradictions. She is ashamed of his thoughts, wants a clean and honest life, but sees no paths there. Wants to die, and no strength, so the Last shot Larissa takes as a blessing, deliverance from the oppression of unsolvable problems. The death of the heroine is worthy of her passing.

“The storm” and “bride” — the best plays of Ostrovsky, who showed the reader and the viewer hitherto unknown world of the merchant class with its passions and pain, sorrows and joys. The world has stepped on the stage of the Russian theater, showing the depth and diversity of nature, wild and rich in passions, petty and cruel, kind and noble, but weak, not able to fend for themselves.

Female characters created by a playwright, has taken a worthy place in the Russian classical literature.

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