Socionics Dating “Dual marriage”

Want to meet a man, want to meet a girl.


If You are a Gentleman and want to meet a girl, follow the recommendations from this article, and the result will not keep itself waiting long! If You are a Lady and want to meet a guy or a man, in this article You will find a lot of useful tips.

Recommendations and tips. proposed in this article primarily relate to Dating via the Internet.

So, if You are a Gentleman and serious to meet women. If You are a Lady and therefore ardently desire to meet a boy or man, then the question to You:

What do You think, where to start?

 With registration on a Dating site, most likely You will answer and be right. In this regard, listen to our first Council and serious approach to choosing a Dating service . spend some of your precious time. After all, You don’t want Your first friends were gays, lesbians, prostitutes, and other colorful characters, wanting only to sexual pleasures? So pay attention to the site’s list of acquaintances.

Further, out of this number, marriage services, should be identified in which its activities are based on the latest achievements of modern science in the compatibility of couples . Just a beautiful phrase and really scientific developments difficult to confuse. Because You need certain guarantees successful Dating, isn’t it?

You offer you to register: fill the personal details, post your picture, tell us about yourself and your preferences etc.

To begin, carefully read all the introductions . Don’t forget about the proven truth: “Free cheese is only in a mousetrap!” At the same time, expensive services are not always the best. Best of all, if from the start You will know exactly how much will it cost Dating service. If everything is clear, then you can proceed with the registration.


Of course, You are serious to meet a girl or guy, so we recommend You to approach the questionnaire. To do this, imagine Your potential partner who carefully studies all of what You wrote about yourself. In his (her) eyes to read interest. Every minute a desire to get acquainted with You should become uncontrollable. So, take your time and think carefully what You wrote about yourself.

Let better Your story will be complete and exhaustive than the simplistic, such as “no answer” or “details when meeting”. Giving yourself feature, try to combine: simplicity and originality, modesty and dignity, humor and seriousness, honesty and mystique. Experiment until you achieve the result. You should feel that with this feature, you just can’t not like any girl or guy.

Important role in the desire girl or guy to get to know You will have Your photos.

Some believe that beautiful photography is the most important factor, as they actively affect human visual perception. Photos should be of high quality. Better if they are not made on a mobile phone, and at least on a quality camera, ideally a professional photographer.

Highly regarded portrait photography. with visible facial features.

Photos should be several. It is important what is your main photo and how it looks like small version (it is a mini-version or “avatar” is displayed during the search and when You write the message).

Great if Your photos can conclude that You are interesting to spend your time. Here You are at the game of Billiards, that You caught in the lens of the photographer in a club or theater, that You and your friends play poker, here You enjoy nature, walking in the Park, here You are underwater in a mask staring at the fish. Something like this.

Sometimes there is a situation where in real life a girl or a guy is very different from the online image. If You listen to our recommendations, we will not get into a similar situation.


These tips will help You in online Dating:

1) If the girl or guy in the photo is only her or his face, I advise you to ask for a photo in full growth. Maybe she (he) slightly overweight for You.

2) If the photo is only a model, don’t hesitate to ask for more and photos from real life.

3) Talk with your partner prior to the meeting by phone, to complete the impression.

4) If the meeting came a completely different person – You have every right to say goodbye directly, politely saying that You’re doing.

Who should be the first to take the initiative when meeting?

Some people believe that it must necessarily be a man. But as practice shows, a lot depends on the psycho personality. Shy found among the representatives of a strong half of mankind. And Vice versa.

If You apply our advice and choose a decent Dating service, you can rely on the help of the mediator, matchmaker”, which is previously upon Your request, we will make “the test of battle” – will have an initial conversation with Your candidate on the subject of communication with You. If You like do not need help, as the saying goes: “You the man!”

To meet a girl or guy through correspondence, you need to learn what not to do.

When meeting with a girl not to write:

– “Hi”.

– “Hi, how are you?”

– “Hi, is possible to meet you? any other proposal Dating.

“Hey, you’re beautiful!” and any other banal compliment.

– Invitation somewhere in the first message.

– Please provide a phone number in the first message.

Wink at also not recommended.

So not worth writing if only because it’s 95% (tested experimentally). And, as a consequence, it is very trite and jaded. So write, anything but this.

What to write? What should be the first phrase to discover?

Here are a few options the first phrases for Dating:

1) Express your opinion or ask an interesting question, about everything that You saw in the photo gallery or read in the form of a girl or a guy.

2) Provocation. Any comment that is slightly hurt. Which girl or guy wants to argue with You. It is important that he not wronged partner. It is possible that the comment was in a joking manner.

3) the Right compliment. This is not a compliment the looks and not the fact that she (he) got from nature, and that what he (she) tried. Be careful: this or nicely fitted clothes, or competently written questionnaire, or correctly applied the makeup.

4) Humor. Every good joke in the context will be taken to cheer girls and guys with a sense of humor. But be careful – it can be alerted to those candidates that take Dating very seriously.

How to make so that You wrote first?

Follow the above recommendations. Will make a good album, and plan an interesting form, which necessarily put the “provocation” or question-opinion about anything. Better if it is an opinion on the issue, Dating or relationships between the sexes. This is to ensure that the partner was easier to figure out how to strike up communication with You.

Browse more pages of those girls and guys that would like to meet you. Because then You will appear to them in the section “guests” and they notice You.

I have no doubt that You will get to meet you!

Expand communication. At the appropriate time to take a phone number or even Skype, so after talking voice to invite on a date.

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