Rules for men choose the desired format


This is a very simple principle: “Choose the RIGHT format of relations with a woman”

The vast majority of women seeks “to develop relations”: it is almost mandatory purpose is cohabitation, joint life, the total budget and children. Formal indication of the end of the “relationship building”, as we know, is considered the proverbial stamp on my passport. This is their goal. Almost every one of them.

But who said you have to share it and to have the same perspective on how specific woman?

Do you have a girlfriend that you like to invite a couple of times a month on weekends, to spend the night with her love. The next day after Breakfast it begins to irritate you, its crackling chatter; it requires attention to yourself and is clearly going to continue the fun on your property. ‘s not to like? – Just get her a cab or walk home. Agreed on the case or directly say that he wanted to be alone. What, afraid she would be offended? – Fear not: if you cave to the imaginary “offense” out of the blue, then what will happen next? Nowhere this woman is not going anywhere, and if and go anywhere, did it concern: if she can’t respect your wishes, and your rules, did not want to adjust them, then what the hell is it in your life?

Your girlfriend tends to spend all his free time with you. And do you need it? Do you want to go fishing with friends, but instead have to think about “common interests” with your girlfriend. But why? For what or for whom do you live?

Or Vice versa. You deal with a very busy business-woman, which makes for a couple of hours a week to have sex with you, so there’s that. You need constant woman next, in care, in a delicious soup and cutlets for a couple. No need to bend his friend or to blame the fact that it just doesn’t behave like that – just CHANGE it back to the woman who wants and can give you the relationship, the nature of which is desirable for you. Or combine both girlfriends – each in its communication format.

You love a woman. She loves you. But as this implies the OBLIGATION to tolerate each other 24 hours a day? You got a bad temper and you know that “get” any. Choosing the right FORMAT to communicate with your favorite will help to keep the love.

“I want to be around you,” says your friend. But why is implied constant torcana in your apartment 7 days a week, 365 days a year?

Personally I don’t like to sleep with someone in the same bed. Even with the woman – now I’m not talking about sex love and tenderness, and it is about a dream. I like to stretch the legs and hands or to stretch out on the bed diagonally. I toss myself and the dream afraid to disturb and Wake his woman. Always feel half and the border of the bed if there is someone besides me. I like this. And others will not.

Modern women are almost totally convinced that sleeping together is an indispensable attribute of love. I explained my position on this issue their women. One of them was offended, someone with understanding took a pillow and went to sleep in the office or go home. But this issue is MY comfort and my desired format . I want to sleep and sleep well.

(Incidentally, before the couple often do not sleep together, but went to each other “guests”. I think that the relationship is strengthened. To sleep in the same bed – it is rather a consequence of the notorious “housing problem”, from poverty.)

I already talked about the fact that most modern men often do not understand why their women, how it happened that we began to live together, then went to the registry office, then the child was born. Of course, women lead a man to “serious relationship”, and it’s too bad that men in this matter, go with the flow and don’t realize that, and if they need this woman as such.

One woman suitable for family life, with another only to break away at the resort. If a woman great sex, but she can’t and doesn’t want to cook your food and wash dishes, and take from it only the sex. But if you want from women both, we just find the woman that will be good for you to prepare and excellent in bed.

You like big Tits? Well, find 2-3 Busty. Only clearly understand why they are with you, and why are they with you and when they are with you.

There are totally detachable, easy-going women are well in the campaign or in tours, but this does not mean that they make good wives. Every woman you’re with has the appropriate format of relations. Some of them will become your wives, and someone – isobutylketone every six months, and someone good mothers of your children. The main thing – to understand that some women take and not to invent the qualities that a woman possesses, not allow to put anything on such a relationship, what you don’t need.

What? That’s a kind of “consumer attitude towards women”? Even as – is it is. Each of us consumes another in varying degrees, and it is fair play, if the other, not against. After all, nobody forces a woman to submit to the right format for you in dealing with it, and if you don’t give empty promises, don’t paint in front of her radiant prospects treasured registry office or apartment as a gift, the question of her disappointed hopes is her personal problems. Sounds maybe a bit cynical, but it is reasonable and fair.

The most frequent accusation that you can hear from a woman in connection with the doctrine of the desired format goes something like this: “well, how about some honest men, because the girl develops a relationship and hopes?”. On what she hopes we all know – on the so-called “serious relationship” (see Chapter “Feminine lexical constructor”), i.e.: first, the translational motion in the direction of cohabitation and the Registrar, and secondly, what in your life she will be the only woman.

Openly declare: I am all for fair play, can’t stand lies and broken promises, empty promises, try not to allow. No need to hide from the woman’s own rules in a relationship with her, but to repeat them to her every day is not necessary.

If a woman has you, builds very specific plans, but they’ve not committed, then whose fault is it that these plans will not come true: her or yours? We both understand that its. But most women will be sure that your, for their conception of what should be and what constitutes men’s happiness, it is a standard. It is important to be firm and remind you that any promises you kept, not sworn allegiance and the Registrar did not mention a word.

Yes, not every woman would agree to be you only, not everyone will want to live with you “marriage weekend” or to meet once a week at the hotel. But you need that women who don’t accept your rules, right? If a woman puts conditions, impose their understanding of relations, including by manipulation (see Chapter “Manipulation”), to you with such a woman is simply not on the way.

Modern men should not have illusions about the sensibilities of women: do they very often choose different men for different purposes that are considered in the order of things. One sponsor, the second – a good lover, while the third and fourth candidates for husbands, fifth and sixth, work colleagues, they are in friendzone, will always help with the report, will give you flowers I’ll buy you lunch and take you to your home.

So you are quite entitled to do things and the way you need it, ask your own format of relations. The woman asks directly about your plans and its prospects with you, answer her honestly. Asks – can not speak, but only make. You don’t have to keep in mind that the only plan that involves a woman. In any case, you do not need to arrange a showdown: it’s stupid and childish.

The horror of modern men’s position is that with smallwe accustom them to live in the women’s paradigms, which largely determines their future life. Woman, being with a man is able to convince (Oh, it is a great skill!), what we have to live that way (house-wife-children-material well-being), and not otherwise.

As a result, many men and live in the format of relations with a woman, which is contraindicated by their very nature – while the men themselves are convinced women that this state of Affairs is the norm. Understand, but suffer. Feel discomfort. Their burdens constant presence of the wife in the house, the need to entertain my mistress and something to constantly discuss their annoying some empty woman’s vanity, the number of women’s cosmetics on a dressing table or the need to communicate with the mother, to put together courtesy visits, ” the devil only knows what else! But they put up.

Such men often do not understand what exactly is wrong with them. It seems to be “all of the people”, woman, good, caring, cooking and cleaning. What more to want? So accepted, so “correctly”. “It’s a pity to lose” – especially if the causes of irritation do not understand.

What is the result? Nervous breakdowns, neurosis, depression of spirit, scandals seemingly out of the blue, separation, alcohol, and, very often, and break those “relations”, which by its very nature should serve to improve the quality of life of men .

Understand yourself, know what you want from a particular woman, from relationships and strap them to the correct format for you. This life belongs to you. Don’t waste it on realizing of other people’s stereotypes and ideas about “how it should be.”

Clear understanding you need format of relations with a particular woman and the ability to stick with it – the most important condition of psychological and financial security men . an indicator of his maturity and if you want wisdom.

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