What girls want to get married?

What are the qualities of a girl that wanted to marry her? Why are some men so hard to find a life partner? Is it true that the question marks in the beginning of the article attracted the attention? We will try to shed light on these puzzles.

It is believed that we treat the issues of family and marriage in different ways. Type, you begin to mentally rehearse the wedding as a child. And we secretly hope that the wedding will soon be completely overturned, as happened with the child support (stop or they still have to pay?). However, despite frequent complaints by women that they are

always ready to walk down the aisle, and around all the scoundrels and not lead, the situation in practice is often the opposite. The man harder to find a mate than women.

When a woman reaches Mature age,her mind alreadyhave an image of her future husband. As far as he is divorced from reality – a separate issue. But this way at least CLEAR: the husband must be a) educated b) blond, with glasses, and so forth, through all the letters of the alphabet. What is in the mind of men? Solid abstraction: the wife should NOT be slutty, jealous, unfunny, one-legged.

Men are doomed to dive into the abyss of a new relationship, guided inaccurate, vague description of what they are looking for.

To make a clear portrait, using a negation – almost impossible. This is why men and doomed to dive into the abyss of a new relationship, guided inaccurate, vague description of what they are looking for. For the same reason, they are often disappointed in their darling: they did not initially know exactly what they want.

On the one hand, it’s sad. Because making life difficult for us. On the other- convenient. You-it is easier! After all, a man will think you are a perfect wife, you need to have certain qualities.

Men don’t need it

Although these qualities may seem positive, man, if you find them you will probably decide that you – not the grandmother of his future grandchildren. And to take you in marriage is not worth it.

The willingness to go to the edge of the world . In the mind of any man, if he’s not a Siamese twin (in this case – two heads), once there is a thought: instead of whether to quit everything and go to drive a tram. Or: to go to Tahiti to paint the natives. Sometimes we even have the stupidity to share those thoughts with our friends. Naive candidates in the wife believe that the answer to this should squeak happily: “whatever you decide, my dear, I you!” That’s the wrong answer.

That is, of course, it is nice to know there is light at the girl, ready for us to leave behind the comfort and to defy common sense. But we are getting married usually not on them. And on the persons of practical and devoid of illusions, responding: “Youof your mind. What are we going to live?” Associate life more logical with a woman who thinks and let down to earth, but not run away from home publishsman with rice, succumbing to impulse.

Sexual submissiveness . We do not dream to marry the puppets who know how to sculpt dumplings. The willingness of women to have sex any time and in any condition was a bad sign. Sex should occur by mutual desire, only in this case they can be dealt with over the years.

And if the partner dives into the maelstrom of passion only under duress and with an appropriate expression on his face – she won’t stay in our lives for a long time. If a woman cannot say “no” in response to uncomfortable offer if sex for her duty (even pleasant)- so she doesn’t care about their own feelings. To meet such fun to live in marriage – it is impossible. Because marriage involves primarily mutual respect.

Total trust. Worst of all-consuming jealousy can only be its total absence. If the intended husband says he’s going to meet your ex, “because the last time I saw her a hundred years ago, in a strip club when she worked there,” then answer him, “suit yourself” not worth it. Even pointedly rubbing the knives. The woman you can marry, should be able to defend your happiness. She won’t hold grudges, revenge, quietly enduring, but the main thing is not to look at the problem through your fingers. Because total trust do not actually exist – it is a beautiful euphemism for indifference, not valid between spouses.

Eternal discontent . If nagging woman replaces everything else – the job search, cravingsself-improvement is a sure sign that to take her in marriage not worth it. And dangerous discontent not only men, but also themselves. We are ready to provide you with the support andto lend a shoulder. But the climb to the shoulder you should own. But if you do is complain about life, chiefs, mom, girlfriends, without trying to change something, we won’t work. Because being a husband, that’s okay, but combine it with the responsibilities of a crisis Manager is unlikely anyone will want.

If you do not know what can bring you pleasure, how are you going to teach me?

Dislike for yourself . I just haven’t found the best euphemism for a monstrous (in the grammatical sense) of the phrase “the absence of the habit of masturbating”. Maybe this piece of truth will be slightly more bitter than the rest, but Yes – men don’t like to mess withanorgasmia and women, hesitate to explore my body.

If you do not know what can bring you pleasure, how are you going to teach me? Not going? Then our relationship is unlikely to last long. Sometimes it’s nice to feel like Indiana Jones and go onCrystal quest of Pleasure and Golden Orgasm. But if orgasm is not none and you and your finger on something there is not struck in order to zoom in, sounds like trouble. The relationship will bring sheer displeasure of both me and you. What kind of wedding.

Equanimity . Men often drink. A little less – drink in moderation. About how I drive, going to a crowded party, it would be good to know in advance. But no matter what I began to do: sing karaoke of the song “Leningrad” the music of ABBA, to fight or to fall asleep in the toilet, hiding the master’s dog – it does not need to close my eyes.

Random friend, whose own reputation is more valuable than mine, can afford to be calm. Future wife – no. Because this is not “I make a fool of yourself,” and that “I’m a disgrace to us”. But throw me a fit at people do not. Need or try to prevent the situation, or to throw me a beating the next morning at home. Wife, as a good boss, always praises in public and criticizes – eye to eye.

Excessive compassion . The question “whatyou still love me?” the top three things that a man would the possibility of never hearing fromwomen. Moreover, from homemakers. Similar questions (“did you not like?”, “why are you so sad today?”, “was it any good?”) give you random fellow traveler.

Potential wife doesn’t need anything to ask. She can read emotions grin eyebrows and squint gluteal muscles. And she clearly knows that the silence of the husband – not a signal that something happened. Sometimes men just like to be quiet.

The lack of the hobby . Even the most patient of us can’t answer the question, “are you coming?” more than five times a day. But if you call your companion more often – there is a chance that he would change his mind to be your companion and would want to be someone else.

Dissolution inthe object of affection is, of course, great. Sometimes we do not want to take a vacation “in love” and with a head dive into a new relationship. Butwe must have a guarantee that, when the passion will pass and the time will come to surface, you will not remain on the bottom andwon’t send us out every minute from the “I’m bored!”, “come quickly!” and “come on!”.

Simply put, a woman should be able to occupy yourself with something outside of the relationship. Then it will be easier to resist the vacuum that will inevitably be replaced by love and non-stop sex. What would it be for hobby – shopping with friends, yoga or gasket umbilical toys with felt – not so important. The main thing that the man didn’t flinch every time the phone rings, and were not looking for amatarou rhyme to the question “where are you?”. Andthen we all will be happiness.

How to become a bride

A few years ago in America was a book that became a bestseller: Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others – Why some women get married and others not.” Its author, businessman and sociologist John Molloy, asked hundreds of couples on how and why they decided to legalize the relationship.

After analyzing the responses, the author concluded that women who successfully marry:

1. I sincerely want this, but if their man over time is not ready, they these relations break and looking for a new man, more fit for marriage.

2. Do not waste time on those whom he calls non-marriageable men are men, not suitable for marriage (classification attached).

3. Follow the figure – according to statistics, girls with normal weight more likely time to get married than at a thick and unwieldy. Although often there are exceptions.

4. Brides are not shy to tell men what they want – in this case that they want to get married. According to statistics, the man most often to marriage pushes the woman, by hook or by crook.

The main idea of the book: women seeking a good marriage, as a rule, love yourself more than a man, however perfect he may be.

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