What to talk with girl Tips for guys


What to talk with a girl

What to talk with a girl – a too common topic, so I will specify. The article will be divided into sections, questions and answers. Let everyone choose for yourself which suits him / her the answer. Although the course will be useful to read an entire article. Someone will be wondering what to talk about with a girl when Dating. Well, someone, something to talk about with a girl on a first date. Someone already has a girlfriend, and he is interested in the question – what to talk

with his girlfriend.

In General, you want to read the entire article, and want only the section you are interested. First let’s figure out who asks such questions. Here is one of two. Either the guy is not a versatile person, and it would be hard to keep up the conversation, not him interesting topic, there are people who are very interested in only one of something. For example – cars, football, Boxing, sports, or something. But, in addition to cars or football, not interested in anything more. Of course, everything this person does not talk. So if you want to be with you always, and all those interested to communicate – grow, be versatile man.

What to say to girls. Why is it difficult to talk with a girl.

Expand your horizons, the range of his interests. And then, question – what to talk with a girl, a mystery for you will not. If the guy, many interests, Hobbies, Hobbies are different, then it will definitely be interesting to talk to almost any girl. I have a friend, in addition to various martial arts, its more in life do not care. And he says, constantly absolutely, only about different types of martial arts. What are they, who in this area won what, etc. So even guys are not interested to communicate with him, not that girls. Talk to him, get bored very quickly. And a girl he does not by the way.

The second type of guys who are wondering – what to talk with a girl, it’s too timid and shy, and shy people, who communicate with the girl generally is a struggle. Like this guy, can be a very versatile and interesting person, but the experience of communicating with women he has either little or not at all. Naturally, this affects your confidence during conversations with a woman. And so, the kind of guy who mistakenly believes that his problem is that he doesn’t know what to talk with girls. When really, he just has little experience with the opposite sex, and from this, he is not confident, during a conversation with a girl.

In the first case, if a person is not just versatile, he needs to broaden the scope and range of their interests. You can read books, watch documentaries, or find new Hobbies and passions in life. In the second case, if the guy is kind of an interesting person in and of itself, but it is difficult given the conversation with the girls, there just needs to gain experience. Then, the guy will become to feel more confident talking to women.

What to say to a girl when Dating.

The most important thing that everyone must understand a boy and a man, getting acquainted with the girl. Do not think that 90% of success – first words, first sentence, or the approach itself. Any woman who looks at the man, and if he or she likes on the first impression (and the first appearance of the word) then it will give him a chance to meet him. And if a guy doesn’t like it (apparently, on first impression), so he didn’t say, no matter what approaches did not use – nothing will work.

You should consider the fact whether the girl relationship, or at this stage of life, her men wasn’t interested in. Then there is no chance for almost any men. Another fact which is taken into account – right time and place to meet. Maybe you would have liked the girl, but you went to her at night, and in the woods. What to talk with girl when Dating with her?

Nobody likes platitudes. Haven’t actually acquainted – the girl, and it is possible to meet you? Too easy and jaded. Use your imagination, use the place where you saw a cute woman. For example, in the store or in the Mall, you can use the same approach. While, in transport or on the street, very different. For example. How to meet a girl in the store or the Mall. Go and ask a question related to the purchase of something, or ask for advice from her (please tell me which powder is the best, or pick a gift for his mom, and want to consult with a woman).

Not corny, and it will be possible for the behavior of the girl to see cute she was, how friendly she is with you, and already her behavior and attitude towards you – will understand should get acquainted with her or not. If you saw a cute girl on the street, ask for example the way somewhere else, e.g. where near here serves excellent coffee, or pizza. If you see that she is to communicate and further acquaintance with you, then ask her to go and have a coffee, or a pizza there to eat.

It is only 2-3 options. If a bit of imagination, you can come up 100-1000 variants of such approaches and first words. Threw the bait – looked whether the girl – and, if so – pull out the fish.

What to talk with a girl on a date.

If it’s a first date, you should not go into too personal. This is a slightly inadequate when the guy on the first date, tells the girl all about their ex for example, and what was their relationship with each of them, why broke up, and all that. Or that he was sitting suppose too well and other personal issues. This may startle the woman. Too much honesty on a first date, some girls like that (so they can learn faster), but some opposite – deters.

On the second or third date, it is already possible to easily talk to the girl on a personal and intimate subjects. If the first, is to communicate about everything superficially, without delving too deep into details, in subsequent meetings, we can already reveal some of the deeper themes.

The task of the first meetings, just to get acquainted with each other. And to understand whether or not to continue communication with a specific person. Therefore, the best topics for conversation on a first date, those that allow you to get to know you better. Where he studied, worked, on what circles say went, what he carried away that you wonder what you love, what you dream of. All of these topics will allow you to superficially describe your image for girls. Simply put, she will understand that you are a fruit.

On subsequent visits, we can talk about what kind of relationship you had, why is over, what kind of relationship you want now. Not worth 3 hours crying about lost loves, or talking only about one specific girl. It’s not like anyone. And the girl with whom you on a date today, may think that you are not yet ready for a new relationship. Or worse – will think that this guy – whiny and clingy.

Just get to know each other closer. Ask questions to her and answer her. Girls love to talk about themselves. Therefore, be interested in it, ask and learn it better. Tell her interesting stories from your life. Do not speak with the girl about the same for much of the time. So she didn’t think that you are only interested in the car for example or football (or, what you will be there to tell her for 3 hours). Change the topic of conversation. To make an impression of myself as a versatile person. Instead of a guy with a narrow range of interests. Especially if it becomes clear that the girl is not interested to talk and listen, to the specific theme.

What to talk with girl? What girls like to talk about?

Women and girls love to talk on such topics that arouse their emotions and experiences. If for example, she is not interested at all cars or football, Boxing, and you will talk to her about it – it is unlikely to want to communicate with you. She will come to the conclusion that she was not interesting interlocutor. Watch out for the interest of the girl, try to see it the following points. Sincerely if she was interested to hear and speak on a specific topic, or she just plays along with you out of politeness.

If a girl listens to you and takes an active part in the conversation, you guys kill each other if it can be seen that her conversation so stimulating, she comes alive, with a sincere interest in listening to you, and she always has something to say on the topic, then all is well. If you say for example about his love for cars, and in General, how you love cars, and let’s talk it 5 hours straight about all the features of the machines. And the same can be seen on her – she this topic is not interesting (no matter what they will say). Will it be cars or sports, or something, if you can see that the girl does not take any part in the conversation, she almost fell asleep, looks at you, listens to you. What is there to even say, everything is clear.

Girls love to talk about travel, about your and your Hobbies, Hobbies and interests in life. Speak, and listen to your interesting or funny stories from life. All of these topics, evoke emotion and impression on any person.

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