How to win a girl’s heart


When you meet that special girl that heart skips a few beats, it becomes very important that her heart belonged to you. But how to win a girl’s heart, if in her presence anymore and do suddenly become awkward and clumsy? Well, not an easy task, but it does not mean that it is impossible. All girls are different, and what will delight one to another will not produce any impression. But there are still some General rules that must be followed if you want to win the heart of beloved.

Be persistent. To win her heart, most likely, it will take time, and the coveted “Yes” may sound soon. So arm yourself with as standard flowers and

going to the cinema, to a concert of her favorite band and theater, and original inventions. Girls, in General, like when they achieve. But persistent – not pushy. Here it is impossible to overdo it.

Do the feats. Take off from the trees kittens, rescue her from bullies or fix the computer. May she admires. It works.

Keep your word. Nothing spoils a man’s reputation so irrevocably and unconditionally unrestrained promise. Be honest with her. Of course, so I want to embellish the reality, but this is not worth in any case. When a lie will be revealed – the chances for reciprocity will be close to zero.

Pay attention to your appearance. Haircut, clothes, shoes. Women’s clothing special attention, not to forget it. How to win a girl’s heart, being untidy? That’s, problematic. Your appearance must be not only accurate – it is better to match her appearance, at least, style. The problem is this: you should look good together. Men can’t even imagine how this can be an important factor. After everything is aligned, give the opportunity to her friends to see you together, let the “experts” say that you are a beautiful couple.

And by the way, make friends with her friends. Their opinion about your candidacy is sure to be heard, so take this issue under control.

Be cheerful. “Laughing woman already half conquered” is a classic. Wit and optimism are your best helpers and a perfect hint on how to win the heart of his girlfriend.

Sympathize. Sometimes she’s in a terrible mood, it’s not that she’s sad or crying. At this point you need to be there, completely ignoring the fact that women’s tears – a sight for men unbearable. Just do not try to give advice, they are useless. Just listen and sympathize.

Be generous. To the best of my ability, of course. Girls hate cormorants.

In General, it is quite obvious that such an interesting, fun and understanding young man will definitely attract the attention of his girlfriend.

All girls are different. How to find a special approach to your beloved? This needs only to know the day of her birth, and hence the sign of the Zodiac. And now is not so important whether you believe in horoscopes. Following the recommendations of stars, you will advance much faster in conquest the lady of his heart.

To win a girl’s heart-Aries . you will need to show remarkable strength of character. This is one of the most independent ladies of the Zodiac, and usually she chooses a boyfriend. To allow for a pamper, will have to prove that you’re not a wimp. A real man – strong and confident – that’s its ideal. Honesty is a good policy, but here it is only possible. Direct and open Aries will not tolerate lies. And if she replied you in return, God forbid she change: absolutely not suspicious representatives of this sign to learn about the dishonesty of a partner, become ruthless. No second chances and speech cannot be.

Trying to impress a girl-Taurus . forget about the Serenade. It’s incredibly feminine, but very practical person. She’s a wonderful hostess and in first place in her family and creating a cozy nest. She indignantly rejects the dreamer or Lovelace. And intentions of the applicant it will set immediately. If they are serious – you will be scrutinized. If not, better don’t try: with the Calves not to be trifled with. This girl loves attentions, delicious food. Invite her out to a nice restaurant or cook something myself.

The girl’s heart-the Twins only falter under the pressure of this intelligence and insight. She is unlikely to appreciate the relief of your muscles, and pumped SARS will not make it experience (well, maybe just a little). But the power of her intellect is sure to impress. So think about where you could show off the sharpness of mind. And another important point: don’t show this lady that lost her mind because of love. Some coldness not hurt. The recipe here will be a long witty conversations and a rich social life.

The girl’s heart-Cancer it is vulnerable. This gentle lady is capable of real devotion to his loved ones and her dream – a big house with a loving husband and a bunch of kids. Cancer falls in love at first sight and carelessly throws herself into the arms of a loved one. She is incredibly gullible. But if not – be prepared for a long siege. Tenderness, kindness and understanding. And any pressure, jealousy or God forbid – quarrels and scandals. The girl-the Cancer will hide in his shell, and the path to her heart you will be ordered. However, love and affection can work wonders – arm yourself with patience and, quite possibly, will succeed.

A real Lioness used to Shine and Shine, and only in the company of men. To approach this Queen, leaving her entourage, will have to try. It is, in principle, open to the novel, but only those who will prove conclusively that he is the best. Fine compliments and expensive (other that it will not tolerate) gifts is what you need. Of course, if your status is high enough. It is very demanding to your partner, so be ready for that – you have to always be on top.

Virgo is usually very good. This neat and punctual girl herself organizes his life and knows exactly what kind of man she needs. She would rather be alone than to waste time on someone who’s not good enough for her. Being very practical in all other matters, it can be years to wait for the Prince. However, all is not hopeless: it is possible to starve. You only need to always be close and wait when she’ll warm up to you. It is the virgin often marry for colleagues. If your plans only flirtation – stay away from this sign. Among all Zodiac signs chaste virgin is the worst choice. For her the relationship is very serious.

To win a girl’s heart-Weights would many – she’s so charming, and from childhood accustomed to Shine. That’s where the flowers would be appropriate-perfume-candies and social events. Let it Shine like its surroundings. But strong words, jealousy and interrogation leave away from this air creation. Otherwise before you know it, this fairy will dissolve in the air.

Mysterious girl-Scorpio – mystical character. She’s smart, uncompromising and bold. Choosing a man, she ignores someone’s opinion. Yes, she makes the choice, and the man remains with this choice to agree. However, the theoretical possibility to win her heart is still there: we need to prove that you are stronger. Never complain and bravely endure the difficulties. And in any case, don’t ask her for help – it will forever erase you in her eyes.

To win a girl’s heart-Sagittarius, ponravilisi her friends. Or sharing her love of extreme sports. Try to invite her along to do a parachute jump. If you own this feat, most likely, this girl is not for you. Turn her life into a solid adventure – and you will conquer this charming Tomboy.

To conquer a Capricorn you can, demonstrating business acumen. And demonstrating seriousness of purpose. This beauty is a real snob, so you’ll have to succeed and make a career. Everything else she considers irrelevant self-indulgence. However, the flowers she will be happy. But don’t think that it will give you some advantages.

Charming girls-Aquarius to win, it seems, is simple – they’re so outgoing, always ready to help, and public opinion ascribes to them a lot of novels (and most often, it’s right). But this apparent ease. Actually to tame Vodolaga very difficult. Because today she likes one thing and tomorrow another. Intelligence, flowers, poems and a lot of luck is what you need. But still guarantees no no.

In female Fish has a heart of gold, they are vulnerable and gullible. I love mysteries and full of mysticism. To conquer this angel can almost any man, if you are able to move. Tell sentimental stories, wilaya at the sight of children and kittens and don’t forget to add that only she understands. To make the Fish happy is easy, and in return she will surround you with incredible care and kindness.

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